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If you’re unhappy with some aspect of your face or body, it can have an enormous effect on how you feel about yourself.

It’s possible to cover up unwanted love handles or disguise flabby arms, but it’s much more difficult to hide a mis-shapen smile and crooked teeth. Discoloured or decaying teeth can be the bane of some people’s existence, it’s all they see when they look in the mirror and it can be hard to cope with on a daily basis. In some cases it’s not as easy as removing a tooth here or whitening a tooth there, it could be that a complete dental overhaul is in order. This is where the extreme makeover comes in.

The extreme makeover procedure aims to solve all dental problems together to give the result of a perfect, sparkling smile. There can be several treatments involved in a makeover, depending on what the obvious problems were to being with, and there are varying levels of surgery usually required. Sometimes a simple teeth whitening and teeth straightening procedure is enough to solve the problems, whereas other patients may need extended treatment to get the desired results. Here are several of the ways in which an extreme makeover can help patients love their smile; Crooked teeth can be straightened using invisible braces, which usually takes up to six months, or they can be given ‘instant orthodontics’ in the form of dental veneers – thin, durable caps that cover the surface of the teeth in order for them to appear even.

Dentists will probably advise patients to take the long road and straighten the natural teeth without resorting to dental veneers unless completely necessary, as this is a simpler, longer-lasting procedure. However, veneers can be required if the teeth are severely damaged or if a quicker solution is required.

Chipped or broken teeth can be reconstructed using cosmetic bonding material or with use of crowns to cover the damage, there is usually little need for hugely invasive surgery in most cases, and the repairs are barely noticeable if done correctly. Dental bridges, dental implants, or dentures are frequently used to address the problem of missing teeth and gaps between the teeth, which can put more pressure on the remaining teeth and cause further dental issues, such as uneven wearing. They serve to give a more even distribution of weight in the mouth, as well as creating a consistent, attractive smile.

Another common complaint among patients requiring an extreme makeover is an uneven gum to tooth ratio – basically, a smile that looks too ‘gummy’. Recently, procedures to remedy this gummy smile problem have really advanced and are becoming more and more popular. Patients can choose whether they would like their gum contouring to be performed surgically or by laser, both of which are designed to shape the gums to a more pleasing visual outcome that allows the natural smile to shine through.

Discoloured or stained teeth are also dealt with as part of a smile makeover, they can be professionally whitened with the use of chemical gel that reacts with a blue light. The agents contained in the gel are activated by the light then they go to work breaking down tough stains and bleaching the surface of the tooth.

Finally, dermal fillers can be injected into the face to fix deep smile or frown lines that have developed over time, this is great for really displaying the new teeth as they should be. A good cosmetic dentist will numb your face to begin with, to prevent you feeling any pain from the small needle used to inject the solution into the treatable areas.

If you would like a consultation regarding dental problems or smile makeovers, you can book an appointment at the Pearl Dental Clinic and a team member will be happy to discuss your requirements. Most people who visit the surgery have been struggling with the appearance of their teeth for some time before finally deciding to do something about it, contrary to what you might think, the makeover won’t leave you in great amounts of pain, but it could transform the way you look at yourself.

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