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Electric Toothbrushes

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A Guide to Electric Toothbrushes

Keeping on top of oral hygiene is one of the most important things individuals of all age can do, as it can often mean the difference between healthy teeth and gums or extensive treatment that could break the bank.

While many people prefer to maintain their pearly whites with a simple daily routine of brushing and flossing, others enjoy using the latest gadgets and gizmos to enhance their dental hygiene.

What is an electric toothbrush?

This type of implement uses electric power to move the brush head, which makes use of rotating, vibrating or ultrasonic technology.

Some types of electric toothbrush comprise high-tech rechargeable models that may cost considerably more than traditional appliances to purchase, while others are low-cost, simple battery-powered implements that may not be as effective.

What are the advantages? 

There are a number of advantages to using an electric toothbrush, including:

  • Requires only a minimal skill level to achieve the best results
  • Tends to clean better when individuals lack the skills needed for manual brushing or has problems making the necessary movements – including those with arthritis or elderly people
  • Less force is required than traditional options
  • It is usually easier to brush with a power toothbrush, as minimum effort is needed and can lead to a better removal of dental plaque
  • Unlikely to cause damage to tooth enamel and gums
  • Recommended for people who wear braces, as it may reach cavities and gaps between the equipment that is not usually cleaned.

How do I choose the best option?

Initially, individuals should always ensure they select the handle that gives them the best grip on it, such as a round and small brush head – this will ensure the best results are achieved and lead to a healthier smile.

On top of this, patients should make sure the bristles they select have rounded ends, as well as those with pressure sensors, which help regulate the speed of the brush and avoid causing damage to teeth and gums.

Patients should also select a brush with a built-in timer to help them control the duration of brushing, while ensuring this is carried out for the correct duration.

Asking a dental professional about the type of appliance that would work best for them is also recommended, as practitioners are able to consider a person’s mouth shape and previous dental problems.

How do I use the brush?

  • By applying just a fraction of pressure to the pearly whites, the brush will perform the majority of movements on its own
  • Placing the head of the appliance at a 30 to 40 degree angle on the gum line for about two seconds will result in the bristles moving between pearly whites gently
  • Patients should repeat the procedure for the inner surfaces and the chewing surfaces as well
  • Rinse and clean brush head after it has been used
  •  The head of the appliance should be replaced once every three months
  • Ensure instructions are used before use.

Are there different types? 

These are categorised based on the type of the brush head’s shape and movement:

  • Counter-rotational – different tufts of bristles that move in opposite directions
  • Rotary – a circular head that moves in one direction
  • Oscillating-pulsating – an additional pulsating motion is used to enhance cleaning.

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