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Individuals who are worried about speaking up in social situations as a result of the appearance of their teeth may find they are experiencing a lower quality of life than their family and friends who embrace public speaking with greater levels of confidence.

The emergence of cosmetic dentistry, as well as new and innovative technology within traditional orthodontics, means that many people could put a stop to their low self-esteem as soon as possible, while enjoying the associated health benefits of a bright, straight smile.

Although straightening pearly whites into their ideal position may seem like a complicated procedure, the evolving expertise of dental professionals – as well as the equipment they use – means members of the public now have greater access to such procedures.

In fact, the constantly progressing world of dentistry has resulted in the development of a high number of alternative methods for those people looking for the type of treatment that is best-suited to their lifestyle.

What is Invisalign?

This type of cosmetic dentistry is a revolutionary system for realigning crooked teeth, as well as closing any gaps that have occurred in recent years or been present since eruption.

Invisalign can alleviate the requirement for traditional metal wire braces that have been used for many years in traditional orthodontic practice.

Utilising the latest developments in computerised technology, this process creates a virtually unnoticeable mould that fits onto the pearly whites exactly and moves them into place over a gradual basis, thus producing a natural-looking, straight smile.

How Does This System Work?

Patients who wear their aligners for up to 22 hours every day can experience the benefits of this course of action much quicker than those who do not. The fact they can be removed to eat and brush teeth means image-conscious individuals do not have to worry about getting any food or debris stuck between the wires.

Because they move slowly over time, Invisalign braces need to be changed by a dental professional approximately every two weeks to ensure the straightening process is carried out as quickly and effectively as possible. This regular contact with a dental professional is also good for monitoring overall oral health.

Overall, this treatment usually takes between six months to on year to successfully complete – while some patients may find they are asked to wear their invisible fixtures for a longer period.

Is This Method Better Than Traditional Options?

There are a number of reasons many individuals select the Invisalign option as opposed to traditional methods. These include:

Convenience – Possibly one of the greatest advantages of this course of action is that wearers are able to remove the aligners when they are brushing their teeth or eating to ensure oral health can be maintained over this long period of time.

With traditional options, patients were restricted to keeping their braces in place at all time, making an effective daily cleaning routine a much more difficult experience. Flossing is also a tougher task with metal braces, which could lead many people to neglect this part of their hygiene and increase the risk of developing bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

Comfort – Traditional wires found in older braces are usually more painful and some even cause irritation and inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue. Furthermore, the elastic bands and tightening forces utilised during this course of action can cause discomfort.

While some people may experience a small feeling of pain when their Invisalign device has been fitted, it is likely this feeling will disappear within a couple of days.

Free dental appointment – Most dental practitioners offer patients a free consultation to assess the problem discuss a variety of treatment methods before any treatment is carried out, which is useful for giving members of the public an idea about the cost and timescale of Invisalign braces.

Discreet nature – The fact that the aligners are almost invisible means they are an ideal option for those adults worried about the stigma of wearing a brace in later life. Although they are noticeable to the wearer, Invisalign devices are rarely noted by anyone else, which is one of the reasons thousands of adults have selected this course of action.

What Does The Procedure Entail?

Following an initial consultation of the pearly whites, a dental professional will create an impression of the mouth using a special kind of putty, before taking several photographs of the area from different angles.

After this, a 3D digital model of the teeth is produced using the latest patented software, which is then used as a basis to build a simulation of the affected area from its current position to the final desired location.

Then, the aligners are designed using the impression as a guide that is altered every two weeks when the aligners are changed to move the pearly whites little by little.

After the initial fitting, patients will be informed on how to take care of their braces and the fact that they need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours every day as the success of the treatment depends on the compliance of each individual and requires dedication.

What Are The Alternative Courses of Action?

While Invisalign may be the most popular method of correcting crooked smiles, many dental practices offer a number of different options for individuals hoping to show off their new teeth with confidence.

Simpli5 – These invisible braces can be used to fix small issues involving crooked teeth or malocclusion in the front or middle section of the mouth, which could be the perfect solution for people preparing to undergo cosmetic dental procedures – such as teeth whitening or dental veneers.

By targeting a patient’s front for to six teeth, this course of action utilises state-of-the-art technology to create a removable clear plastic mould that should be worn for the majority of the day.

The quality of the fixtures created in the Simpli5 process means it is often possible for individuals to notice the positive effects of the braces well before the end of the treatment, which usually takes between ten and 20 weeks.

Many patients – particularly those with on-the-go lifestyles – may be drawn to this course of action due to its fast nature that allows them to enjoy the appearance of their pearly whites after a long period of low self esteem.

Six Month Smiles – this course of action is usually taken to treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems including crowding, crossbites, overbites and gaps between teeth.

Discreet wires are used to create the corrective fixture and provide an aesthetic solution for individuals concerned about the appearance of metal braces, while the gentle nature of the appearance means there is little pain or discomfort throughout the duration of the straightening process.

When the six-month period is completed, patients are usually asked to wear a retainer to reduce the risk of relapse due to the pearly whites’ tendency to move back into their original position.

Some practitioners offer to install a permanent bonded fixture on the back surfaces of the teeth to ensure the best results. Alternatively, a night-time removable device can be selected by those people who are excited to show off their smile makeover.

Inman Aligners – These fixtures are often used as a different option to traditional methods of orthodontics that may not be suited to the lifestyle of particular individuals, while also being utilised to correct issues with crooked teeth that people thought could only be solved by the installation of dental veneers.

Using this corrective method, a patient’s teeth can be guided into an ideal position in a matter of weeks, providing a quick fix for something that may have been a life-long issue for many individuals.

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