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Dental Bridge Pros And Cons

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When tooth loss occurs you may want to think about options for replacement. There are a number of options available, such as dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. In particular, dental bridge pros and cons are worth considering before making a decision on what is the best solution for you. Many people opt for a dental bridge because it is more permanent than a denture and less invasive than a dental implant.

Dental bridge pros and cons

Dental Bridge Pros And Cons


  • Dental bridges are fixed to your neighbouring teeth, therefore, do not need to be removed daily and re-adhered like dentures.
  • They do not require any oral surgery to fit them so are much less invasive than dental implants.
  • They are extremely quick to fit in comparison to a dental implant.
  • You can restore your smile in a natural looking way.
  • The appliance lasts around ten to fifteen years before replacement is needed.
  • If the neighbouring teeth are aesthetically compromised, cracked, or stained, they too will get the benefit of the bridge crowns to improve their look and feel.


  • Cleaning a bridge can be more difficult than cleaning your natural teeth so you will need to ensure you take extra care when brushing.
  • The neighbouring teeth need to be shaved down to allow the bridge to fit correctly. This means that healthy teeth are affected.
  • In very extreme cases nerve damage can occur to the neighbouring teeth.
  • Cost wise, bridges are not much cheaper than dental implants. Implants which are fixed into the jaw and last for many years, if not a lifetime.


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