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Crowns For Teeth

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crowns for teethWhen damage, decay, or infection occurs crowns for teeth may be necessary after treatment is completed. Here at Pearl Dental Clinic, we offer four different types of crowns that are fitted by experienced and skilled dentists.

What are crowns for teeth?

Dental crowns are restorative covers that are fitted over the top of a natural tooth. They are used to stabalise a tooth following a root canal treatment or to cover over breaks, cracks, or damage. Crowns are also known as caps. They come in a variety of different materials.

What are the options?

Ceramic crowns: Ceramic crowns are the most aesthetically pleasing of the four options. These are often used for teeth that are visible so you get a natural look and feel. The clinic offers CEREC crowns that can be completed in one visit. Therefore you will get beautiful results instantly.

Gold crowns: These crowns are the strongest, however, they are not natural looking. Some people may opt for the gold tooth look, others may prefer tooth coloured crowns so they blend in with the rest of the teeth.

Metal ceramic crowns: The inside of this crown is metal and the outside is made from porcelain. Due to the metal core they are stronger than an all-ceramic crown. These are more likely to be used on the back teeth for their strength under pressure.

All zirconium crowns: This type of crown is usually used on the back teeth due to the colour being an off white. However, due to the durability of the material they are less likely to break under the pressure of chewing and eating.


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