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Crown Lengthening

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A guide to crown lengthening

For individuals who are unhappy with their smile, even the most common tasks – including going to the shops or drinks with friends – can seem like hard work due to their limited self-confidence.

Thankfully, the emergence of cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for people with low confidence levels to show off their pearly whites with pride, as the number of options available means there really is something for everyone.

Crown lengthening, which could be a viable option for individuals having a filling installed, is a dental procedure that is utilised for many reasons, while they are mainly utilised for supporting devices that are fitted in the mouth, which may otherwise not be stable.

This course of action can also be taken in cases where the gums overlap the front of the teeth, obstructing a person’s smile and causing them to have low self-esteem.

Using the system, a patient will undergo surgery in which gum tissue is removed from the mouth, while some may require the eradication of bone. However, this will depend on individual cases.

Although the surgical procedure may be off-putting for some people, crown lengthening is a procedure that can have a significant impact on a person’s life.

Why is the procedure needed?

Patients whose dentist has informed them they are in need of a filling or crown will find this course of action is usually extremely simple. However, there are some instances when the gum sticks out before the teeth and makes it difficult to attach the devices.

A dentist may also struggle to fit a filling or crown if part of a pearly white falls out, which could signal the need for more of the pearly white to be exposed through a surgical procedure.

This course of action may also be selected by individuals who believe they have a “gummy smile”, which is when the tissue is too prominent in the mouth and gets in the way of the front teeth, which can have an adverse effect on a person’s self-confidence.

Crown lengthening – as well as other forms of cosmetic dentistry – is something that can change a person’s life for the better.

How can I prepare for the procedure?

Before patients are able to undergo the process, they will need to have their teeth readied, which may involve a visit to a periodontist or a normal dentist who will clean the teeth prior to crown lengthening in order to make the actual surgical procedure easier.

A specialist will also endeavour to perform a series of X-rays in order to ascertain the current structure of the pearly whites in relation to the gum tissue. There may also be the need to apply a temporary crown in order to create a barrier against any bacteria before the procedure.

The dentist will refer to any dental history before scheduling an appointment in order to prepare as best as possible.

What does the procedure entail?

Usually carried out under local anaesthetic, this course of action usually depends on the teeth and gums, and the amount that needs to be removed. Any temporary installations in the corresponding area will be removed before the surgery begins and put back in place afterwards.

Initially, the practitioner will slice into the tissue and part it from the teeth to expose the underlying structure and bone they are rooted into. While giving the professional a clear view to decide whether there is any need to remove bone, this process can also make the pearly whites more prominent using this system.

Following this, the affected area will be sterilised and stitched up, while also creating the need to use a bandage on the spot. The healing process after a crown lengthening can take up to three months, after which a second temporary crown will be fitted for the now lengthier tooth.

The permanent crown that will provide the pearly white with stability will only be fitted once the wound is completely rejuvenated and when the gum tissue has stopped bleeding.

What about after the procedure?

Patients will need to use ice to ease the swelling in their mouth for the first couple of days after the operation. A special mouth rinse will also be recommended, while individuals should alter their diets to contain only easily-chewable items.

Depending on the healing process, the stitches can be removed after around ten days and some people will be asked to attend a follow-up check-up after a month or so to make sure everything is progressing.

Individuals should be careful when cleaning their teeth for a short time following the procedure. While brushing is recommended to maintain dental hygiene, the gum area where the operation was performed should be avoided as much as possible for some time.

Also, if debris from food is caught up in this area, it should be removed using a tooth pick.

Patients who find their bandage has come loose, or an infection has formed, should contact their dentist as soon as possible to determine the problem.

Are there any risks?

There are few risks associated with this course of action, but these should still be considered by individuals thinking about seeking this treatment.

  • While there is the possibility the area will bleed for some time following the surgery, it is important for patients not to worry unless the blood fails to cease.
  • A small chance of the development of an infection, which should encourage individuals to contact their dentist.
  • Teeth and gums may be sensitive to hot and cold substances initially, but this should stop after some time.
  • If bone is removed then the pearly white may feel loose.

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