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Chipped tooth

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Chipped tooth

Does a chipped tooth need treatment?

Often people feel that a chipped tooth is not really a big issue. It may seem like it is just an aesthetic problem and is nothing to be concerned about. However, chipping the enamel means that the tooth has lost some of its structure. This inevitably means that the tooth is weaker than it once was, and could be more susceptible to further damage and decay. It is also possible that there is hidden damage present, that can only be identified by a dentist. It is always advisable to seek dental treatment for such an issue.


What will happen?

If the chip is small or superficial then a dentist will most likely use a tooth coloured composite bonding material to fill the chip, or a tooth contouring procedure that reshapes the enamel. Both of which are effective ways of restoring and protecting the tooth from debris and decay. If it is a larger chip, then it may be advised that a crown is fitted to protect the tooth from further damage, and allow it to function in a normal way. However, if the tooth is chipped near the root, or develops into a crack or break, it could affect the structural integrity of the tooth or the root, which may mean a root canal procedure is needed.


What we can for a chipped tooth at Pearl Dental Clinic

One of our friendly and experienced dentists will check the tooth to assess the extent of the damage, then decide on the most appropriate course of treatment for your specific circumstances. It may be that composite bonding or contouring is sufficient to fix the chip, or we may need to explore other options if the chip has caused other complications.

If you are generally unhappy with the overall aesthetics of your teeth, then we also over a range of cosmetic dentistry options to improve the look of your smile. These include, but are not limited to, dental veneers that cover the teeth in a specially made composite or porcelain laminate, teeth whitening to improve the shade of your enamel and remove stains, and a variety of orthodontic options to straighten and align teeth.


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