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BriteSmile is a teeth whitening procedure that claims to give patients a dazzling and natural-looking smile in just one hour.

Many people find that their teeth become stained or discoloured over time, often due to the natural process of ageing and the effects of certain lifestyle choices. BriteSmile offers a way for individuals to bring their smile back to its best with a quick and safe treatment. The technique uses a teeth whitening gel in conjunction with the treatment’s unique gentle blue light, which is applied to the teeth for a 20-minute period to activate the gel. This process is then repeated twice as the patient sits back and relaxes, with some people choosing to watch TV or listen to music while the procedure takes its course.

Patients should then be able to leave their dental professional with a bright and healthy smile. Studies have shown the light increases the tooth-whitening effect of the hydrogen peroxide contained within the gel. Furthermore, the presence of BriteSmile’s blue-light technology means the treatment requires a lower concentration of this active ingredient. The BriteSmile gel is made up of just 15 per cent hydrogen peroxide, while other teeth whitening products use up to 50 per cent. According to the company behind BriteSmile, Discus Dental, the gel is also fortified with ingredients such as glycerine and highly purified water to prevent tooth dehydration and ensure safety. The firm claims the effect lasts for many years and the treatment can whiten teeth colour by more than 14 shades in some cases.

However, the typical whitening improvement seen by patients who use BriteSmile is eight shades. This compares to an average of six shades of improvement with at-home teeth whitening trays, while special toothpaste can make a difference of just one or two shades, according to the company.

In addition, both alternatives will require a considerably greater time investment than the one-hour treatment offered by BriteSmile. How long the results last for will depend on the lifestyle of the individual, as smoking or drinking coffee, tea and red wine can partly reverse the effect. The procedure has been declared safe and effective by a study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association in 2003. Some dental patients may choose the treatment because there is no laser, heat or scraping involved in the process, which can allow for a more comfortable experience. Of course, there are many other methods of teeth whitening available for people looking for the perfect smile, including the Zoom whitening system and Enlighten Evolution bleachingADNFCR-16000797-ID-800742514-ADNFCR

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