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Botox Injection

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A Guide to Botox Injection

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and cosmetics is becoming increasingly common among both men and women, as high profile figures and celebrities use a range of potions and treatments to ensure they look younger than their years.

This is among the reasons why anti-ageing procedures – including Botox injections – have become hugely popular options for individuals hoping to prevent the early signs of wrinkles and lines that develop on their face.

Most pioneers of this technique utilise the substance to reduce the appearance of expression marks – primarily located on the forehead and around the eyes – caused by overactive muscle movement wearing away the skin’s natural collagen.

It received approval for the reduction of wrinkles when injected into the muscles in tiny quantities many years ago, following concerns about its safety. Botox works by relaxing the affected area of the face, which allows individuals to enjoy a smooth complexion as they approach their later life.

What is Botox?

Recently approved in some countries for the treatment of a number of medical conditions, the substance is a purified protein produced by the Colstridum botulinum bacterium, working to temporarily reduce lines caused by over expression.

Used mostly among adults aged between 18 and 65, the procedure is carried out with a small needle that is inserted into the source of the lines by a registered professional.

This course of action is largely painless – apart from a slight scratching sensation – and takes around 20 minutes to carry out. The lack of recovery time associated with Botox means it has become increasingly popular among those with on-the-go lifestyles.

Those who have undergone the anti-ageing treatment tend to notice the effects within three to four days following the administration, but patients may need to book a follow-up session four months later to allow them to enjoy a wrinkle-free face for longer.

How does it work? 

Wrinkles and lines around the eyes and between the brows can develop at any age due to the regular muscle activity that occurs when people smile, frown and speak.

This is among the reasons many individuals seek Botox injections in a bid to reduce the movement that occurs in these areas when making an expression through the blocking of signals between the nerves and injected muscles.

How will I look after treatment? 

While the results usually take several days to develop, individuals will notice the treatment does not alter the appearance of their face or make them look expressionless. Those people who have undergone the process – when carried out by a registered professional – will keep the ability to frown and look startled without struggle.

When will the results become apparent? 

The two to three days following the procedure will see patients experience a significant improvement in the smoothness of their skin, while gradually reducing the appearance of expression lines for up to one month.

Botox will need to be injected on a regular basis in order for individuals to enjoy younger looking skin for as long as possible, with many professionals recommending the procedure is carried out once every three or four months.

Does the procedure hurt?

While Botox injections can cause slight pain and discomfort for patients, the feeling is little more than a slight scratching and is not as  invasive as cosmetic surgery.

Usually, a practitioner will number the area with local anaesthetic cream before the procedure is carried out in a bid to reduce the feeling even more, which could provide peace of mind for those people who are worried about the sensation.

Are there any side effects? 

Some individuals experience a slight drooping of their eyelid for a short period, as well as a mild feeling of nausea after undergoing this process.

Others feel soreness, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding or bruising following Botox injections, but this tends to pass after a few days.

Can I get Botox when pregnant? 

Using Botox during pregnancy will not harm the baby as such, but many practitioners would argue there is little point in undergoing this course of action during the 9-month period as the body tends to retain water, which puffs up the face and fills character lines.

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