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Antibiotics for Tooth Infections

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Antibiotics for Tooth Infections

Sometimes the body’s natural defences may need help from antibiotics. Dentists may use antibiotics for tooth infections or to patients that are suffering from gum disease or a dental abscess. A dentist may also use antibiotics for patients that have had a tooth extraction. This is to avoid infection developing afterwards. Antibiotics are important for maintaining oral health and fighting off infection. However, a dentist will only prescribe them if it is absolutely necessary. Overuse of antibiotics can be very dangerous to public health.


The issues with overuse

When antibiotics are used too often, the bacteria that is causing the infection can change inside the body. These changes can mean antibiotics that once worked do not work anymore. This can cause serious problems for people’s overall well-being. If an infection is not treatable by antibiotics then people’s lives can be at risk. Therefore, it is important to keep the use of antibiotics to a minimum, and only use them when they are essential.


The dangers of internet antibiotics

It is much easier now to buy antibiotics without a prescription. There are many internet sites that offer low price antibiotics. However, this can be dangerous for many reasons. Some of the websites selling antibiotics for tooth infections are cheaper because they are illegal or fake. Some of these medications have been found to contain poisonous ingredients, such as heavy metals, which are hazardous to health.

It is also important that people are getting the right type of antibiotic, at the right dosage. Self-diagnosis can lead to further issues developing, therefore it is always advised to seek professional help. A dentist or a doctor will be able to give you the correct advice for your symptoms.

If you have concerns about fake or illegal antibiotics sales then you can report this to your local authority.


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