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When it comes to selecting a dentist, some individuals are of the belief that all qualified professionals deliver the same services with similar opening hours and prices.

However, patients may be surprised to hear that this could not be further from the truth and members of the public are urged to look for the best available, like they would if they were shopping for insurance policies.

Practitioners at Pearl Dental Clinic offer round-the-clock treatment through a 24-hour practice that allows people to seek advice at any time of day – including weekends – as well as providing general services.

This 365-day availability lets members of the public to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their oral health is maintained all year round and they will be provided with the optimum treatment at any time.

What Happens During a Dental Examination?

New patients at Pearl Dental Clinic should ensure they book their initial meeting with one of the facility’s members of staff as soon as possible, a simple phone call will allow them to voice any queries they may have about joining a new dentist.

This correspondence is an excellent opportunity for individuals to ask their allocated professional about the likely cost of treatment, as well as discuss any previous issues with oral health.

A medical history questionnaire is used by many clinics to detail any past issues with teeth – or if patients have undergone orthodontics – so people should arrive between ten and 15 minutes prior to their appointment.

Although this may seem insignificant for patients, the document is of extreme importance to dental staff as it gives them the opportunity to discover any previous problems, while considering what course of action could be taken to improve the appearance and health of teeth and gums.

If patients find themselves in a situation where they require immediate attention from a professional, Pearl Dental Clinic’s emergency dentist is on-hand at all times to carry out urgent action.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved In A Dental Emergancy?

Firstly, it is important for individuals to know what counts as a dental emergency, as some occasions – although painful – do not require immediate attention.

Patients should ensure they seek advice from their practitioner as soon as possible if they sustain any of the following ailments:

What About A Root Canal Treatment?

Unfortunately for some, long-term neglect of teeth and gums can lead to the spreading of an infection in the mouth, which – in turn – can result in the requirement for root canal treatment. While this is often regarded as one of the most daunting procedures among many individuals, most patients find they do not experience as much pain as anticipated when it is complete.

The treatment involves a dental professional drilling into the inner layers of the teeth to remove the pulp that is present inside.

What Else Does Pearl Dental Clinic Provide?

Members of staff at Pearl Dental Clinic not only provide services for those who are in serious need of treatment, as individuals can also take advantage of the general dentistry that is readily available.

Fillings and tooth extractions – which remain some of the most common procedures carried out by dental professionals – are also available, with members of staff able to offer advice and guidance on effective oral health routines that could result in patients leading a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, the constantly developing world of orthodontics and the emergence of cosmetic dentistry means that people are also able to make use of a wide variety of services that could see people enjoy a complete smile makeover.

This area encompasses any dental procedure that ultimately improves the overall aesthetics of pearly whites, with an increasing number of individuals taking inspiration from their favourite celebrities in order to improve their teeth.

Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Nicola Roberts and Kate Middleton are among the high profile figures who have opted for this course of action to enjoy the benefits of a straight and dazzling smile.

Research has shown that individuals can experience a better quality of life if they undergo this treatment Рwhich can include the installation of invisible braces such as Invisalign or the Six-month Smile system Рafter what may have been years of shying away from certain social situations.

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