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Get rid of morning Migraines Once and for All

Tooth grinding and clenching can be a problem for some patients. Often it is caused by anxiety or stress, sleep apnea or due to orthodontic issues. In turn this pressure on the teeth and jaw can cause Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD). Common symptoms of TMJD include headaches, morning migraines, a pain or ache in the jaw, lockjaw, problems when chewing and earache. Living with these symptoms can be painful and frustrating, however now there is Cerezen. Cerezen is a revolutionary device that can be used to treat these problems effectively while giving patients a new lease of life.

New revolutionary method to eliminate teeth clenching & grinding

CerezenCerezen is a small device that fits neatly and safely into the opening of the ear canal. Inserting this small earpiece can eliminate most or all of the symptoms of TMJD. The revolutionary appliance works by expanding the size of the ear canal. It is the space in this area that causes the problem. As the area is expanded, subtle pressure is applied to the temporomandibular muscle to encourage the jaw to return to its correct position. This action minimises the body’s response to clench the jaw and the muscles surrounding it.

Benefits of Cerezen™

  • The device can reduce symptoms related to TMJD. This includes headaches, jaw ache or stiffness, pain when chewing, pain in the surrounding muscles, earache, jaw muscle limitations, clicking of the jaw and migraines.
  • Each device is custom made for each individual patient. This ensures it fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • The design of Cerezen makes it very discreet because it is practically invisible.
  • This technology is clinically proven as effective and is totally unique to anything else available.
  • The device does not affect eating, speaking, or hearing.
  • It carries long-term benefits for users. It can help to preserve teeth and avoid other long term medical conditions associated with continued clenching and grinding.
  • Cerezen is safe to wear night and day (just needing removal when swimming, bathing and playing contact sports).

How do I get a Cerezen™ device?


First of all, you will need to book a consultation with one of our highly trained dentists here at Pearl Dental Clinic. During the consultation, we will examine you and make a diagnosis. If Cerezen is the correct course of treatment for you, impressions of the ear canal will be taken by a qualified audiologist. The impression will be sent off to the Cerezen lab where they will manufacture your 3D printed, custom made earpiece. This should take around two weeks. You will then be invited back to the clinic for the final fitting.

How to use Cerezen™

Cerezen™ Patient video

Cerezen costs £695 at Pearl Dental Clinic. Cerezen Consultation costs £39 and it takes 3 visits for completion of the treatment. You can have your treatment now and spread the cost of Cerezen interest-free with our 0% finance plans.

cerezen on finance

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