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Dentist for Nervous Patients

Dentist for Nervous Patients Pearl Dental Clinic offers a dentist for nervous patients. Dental phobia is a common issue and affects over a quarter of the British population. Dental phobia can take many forms. Patients may be nervous about undergoing general dental work or scared of needles. Others could be fearful of choking. Another ...


Neuralgia Teeth

Neuralgia Teeth What is Neuralgia Neuralgia teeth pain occurs due to damaged nerves. The pain can feel like a severe toothache. The nerve damage is most likely to be in the face or neck. This usually causes a burning or stabbing pain and can be moderate to severe. The most common causes of nerve ...


Emergency dentist

What is An Emergency Dentist? Just like the A&E department, an emergency dental clinic is open twenty-four hours a day to deal with injuries to the teeth, mouth and jaw. They won’t send out an ambulance for you in the same way a hospital would, but they are available day or ...



What is Toothache? Toothache is exactly what its name suggests, an ache that originates from the teeth or jaw area; sometimes mild, it can be extremely severe and should always be referred to a medical professional. Most toothaches are a result of dental problems, either self-inflicted or accidental; they cause the nerves inside the ...


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