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Avulsed Tooth

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Avulsed Tooth (knocked out tooth)

avulsed tooth

Many children and adults experience the loss of a tooth throughout their lives. However, many people are unaware of the appropriate course of action to take when a tooth is knocked out (Avulsed tooth).

When a tooth becomes avulsed it is commonly due to a severe blow to the face. This could be due to a sporting injury, an accident, or an assault. Therefore, it is vital to consider wider health issues that could emerge such as bleeding, disorientation or a concussion.

What is tooth avulsion?

Avulsion is the term used when a tooth has been knocked completely out of its socket. Therefore, it has either fallen out entirety or is just hanging on by the soft tissues. It is important for patients not to confuse the issue with a tooth that has been dislodged but not completely knocked out. The treatment required for both of these ailments is slightly different.

Saving an avulsed tooth

In many cases, an avulsed tooth can be saved if patients seek treatment quickly enough (see the dentist within 1 hour of injury). A number of basic actions can be taken to ensure the avulsed tooth has the best possible chance of being saved:

  1. If the tooth is scattered or fragmented as a result of the accident, it can often be extremely difficult to put back in place. However, we recommend that patients try to keep all the tooth shards if possible.
  2. Patients must see an emergency dentist within one hour of injury. Although this may be difficult for many people, it can be the difference between saving a tooth and losing it forever.
  3. Avoid touching the root so it does not become damaged or infected. Hold the crown of the tooth instead.
  4. If a tooth is avulsed, place it back into its socket. Placing a piece of cotton over the loose tooth and biting down will keep it in place until an emergency dentist can be consulted. milk for avulsed tooth
  5. Alternatively, the tooth should be carried to an emergency dentist immediately in a cup of milk to help the tooth remain vital. Please avoid storing the tooth in water as water can damage the tooth’s root cells.

Treatment for an avulsed tooth

Initially, our emergency dentist will carry out X-rays on the tooth and cheek to ensure a tooth has been successfully placed back into the socket. A fixed splint may also be attached to the tooth to keep it in the right position for a few days.

For follow-up and management of an avulsed tooth injury, an adult patient should see an Endodontist and a child patient should see a Paediatric dentist.


What if the treatment is unsuccessful?

If the treatment fails then there are options for tooth replacement. A patient could consider dentures, a dental bridge or a dental implant.book dental appointment

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