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Anxious Dental Patients











Anxious Dental Patients

Dental phobia can be extremely debilitating and can make attending dental appointments a daunting and worrying experience for many people. Over a quarter of the UK population suffers from a dental phobia. However, anxious dental patients may benefit from a range of dental sedation procedures available here at Pearl Dental Clinic.

Dental anxiety can emerge for a number of different reasons among individuals of all ages. Past experiences, sensitive teeth, difficulty getting numb and a strong gag reflex are extremely common issues that result in people avoiding the dentist. Avoiding dental care can be extremely detrimental to the overall health of a person.


IntraVenous Sedation

The IntraVenous sedative drugs work quickly to place people in a relaxed frame of mind. Throughout the procedure, patients will be monitored by a medical or dental professional. Under IV sedation individuals will still breathe for themselves, unlike general anaesthetic, while the dentist carries out the necessary work.

dental sedation

At Pearl Dental Clinic, we offer IntraVenous sedation for anxious dental patients. The use of the sedation drugs allows us to carry out extensive complex procedures during one sitting, which provides favourable results for anxious dental patients.

In addition, people who have a fear of the sights and smells of a dental procedure can rest easy in the knowledge that they will not be able to remember any of the events that occur while they are under sedation.

Anyone opting for this service should bring a friend or family member with them to the clinic, as they will be unable to drive afterwards.


Inhalation Sedation

We also provide Inhalation sedation (laughing gas/Nitrous Oxide) for anxious dental patients. Inhalation sedation does not require any injections for its administration and so its great for needle phobic patients.


Oral Sedation

For the extremely nervous patients or patients who are needle phobic, we can also provide Oral Sedation prior to providing intravenous sedation.


Painless Dental Injections

We take the pain of dental injections away by using numbing gel and warming up our local anaesthetic solution to body temperature and use computer assisted local anaesthetic delivery systems to provide our patients with a painless dental injection experience.


Dental Hypnosis

Our clinical hypnotherapist can help dental patients with anxiety, use hypnosis to relax and manage their anxiety and have a much more pleasant dental appointment.

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