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Cleanliness & Cross Infection Control

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The clinic is Open during the Coronavirus global pandemic. At Pearl Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on our high standard of patient care. In addition to our existing cleanliness & cross infection control standards, we have implemented even stricter safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include patient screening, hand sanitiser station, provision of facemasks to all clinic visitors, distancing of chairs & limiting patient numbers in our waiting room, installation of dental isolation systems, regular disinfection of all areas, Enhanced PPE, installation of plasma air purification systems & surgery ventilation fans, COVID-19 vaccinations of staff and spacing out of appointments.

Cleanliness & Cross Infection Control

For instrument sterilisation, we use W&H Lisa Vacuum Autoclaves which are the most technologically advanced sterilisers available on the dental market. The W&H Lisa Vacuum Autoclaves provide sterilisation of the most inner parts of  the instruments that have internal sections, like the dental drills, where traditional autoclaves are not as effective in accessing those inner parts. Our autoclaves are professionally serviced yearly and checked daily, to ensure that the highest cross infection standards are maintained.


The cleanliness & cross infection control policies we have in place have passed all the stringent cleanliness & infection control quality checks and inspections carried out by the independent UK regulator for dental clinics, Care Quality Commission in England (CQC November 2021 Inspection Report).


If you have Covid-19 symptoms, please follow Government guidelines.


Important guidance when you’re visiting the practice:

• Please be punctual and arrive at your scheduled appointment on time to avoid additional patients sitting in the waiting room and allow plenty of time for your appointment. 

Fill in your registration and medical history forms online before you arrive at the clinic. We will email these forms to you when you book your appointment. They may land in your mail junk box, so please check that box too.

• Follow any additional safety instructions displayed in the practice.


Thank you for your understanding.


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