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Flexible dentures
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Valplast Dentures

If you’ve lost your teeth through an accident, gum disease or to decay, you don’t have to live with the missing teeth for the rest of your life. How your teeth look can have a huge effect on your day-to-day life and there are treatments available at the Pearl Dental Clinic that can help boost your confidence.

What are Valplast dentures?

Like most types of dentures, Valplast are a type of flexible dentures used to take the place of missing natural teeth that have fallen out or had to be extracted. The reason Valplast dentures have been a go-to name in the dentistry world for the past five decades is that they provide the best quality partial flexible dentures on the market. Not only that, but they are flexible, durable, and very comfortable – not to mention they look very natural.

Traditional dentures are made from acrylic (pink plastic) or cobalt chrome materials. Valplast dentures are made from a very tough nylon material. Acrylic and cobalt chrome dentures are generally heavier than Valplast dentures.

How are Valplast dentures different to normal dentures?

Quality alone makes Valplast dentures stand out from the crowd, the dentures are made from an incredibly strong nylon resin and each comes with a lifetime guarantee protecting them from breakages or fractures. Construction plays its part too, when compared to traditional dentures Valplast dentures has no metal clasps and the transparent material above the teeth makes them appear more natural. They are lightweight and comfortable too – due to their flexibility and movement in the mouth.

Valplast dentures are normally smaller than standard acrylic dentures allowing the roof of the mouth or the floor of the mouth to be free of denture metal/acrylic extensions. This makes them very comfortable dentures that allow patients taste food more easily and they do not interfere with the tongue as much as acrylic dentures.

Due to their nature, valplast dentures are normally placed in hot water first thing in the morning for a few seconds and this makes the material soft and flexible and once inserted into the mouth it takes the shape of the missing teeth in the mouth and moulds itself tightly into place reducing the need for denture adhesives as it is a very retentive type of denture.

Because of their high quality design, Valplast dentures can sometimes cost a little more than traditional dentures, but most patients would agree that it’s worth the extra money for a more comfortable, natural-looking finish.

Valplast denture gum areas are available in different shade of pink to suit different shades of gum seen in the human population.

Who is a suitable candidate for Valplast dentures?

Valplast denture designs are very versatile and can be used to replace one or two teeth, or multiple teeth, so if you have extensive dental problems that require numerous extractions, a partial valplast denture might be the solution. Because there are no metal components, this dramatically reduces irritation or inflammation of the gums – which is common among denture wearers. Also, patients who suffer allergies to acrylic or metals are safe to use Valplast dentures to improve their smile.

If you’re considering this type of denture, but you have ongoing dental issues, you can still be fitted with a Valplast partial. The denture can always be altered or reshaped to incorporate further extractions, just make an appointment with one of our dentists to have a new impression taken and send your partial back to the laboratory for some adjustments. As with the original product, you can expect to have a natural-looking denture of the highest quality returned to you.

What is the procedure for getting Valplast dentures?

  1. Consultation visit for our dentists to assess your missing teeth and let you know if Valplast dentures will be suitable for your case. If you wish to go ahead impressions can also be taken for the Valplast denture.
  2. For large-span Valplast dentures a second visit will be required to measure the bite and your occlusion. Smaller Valplast dentures do not require this visit.
  3. Final visit will consist of fitting of the denture and you will also be given instructions regarding denture hygiene and care.

Taking care of your Valplast dentures

The beauty of a Valplast denture is the material used to manufacture it, the nylon resin is so strong that the laboratory technicians can confidently say it will never break under the normal stresses or day to day wear. Although, the false teeth attached to the resin plate may fracture in the same way as natural teeth – but the resin holding them together is virtually unbreakable. However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore your remaining teeth or that you should neglect your dentures, your dentist can advise you on what hygiene habits you should implement, as well as which cleaning products would work best.

Some dentists recommend removing dentures at night when you sleep. We feel that you could wear your denture at night too as long as you maintain excellent denture and oral hygiene.

Are there any alternatives to Valplast dentures?

Yes. Patients can have acrylic dentures, metal dentures, other types of flexible dentures or hybrid dentures which are a hybrid of flexible and metal dentures. As a non-removable option, dental implants or dental bridges are also available at Pearl dental clinic. Please speak to one of our dentists regarding the most suitable solution for your individual needs.

At Pearl Dental Clinic we have an on-site denture technician which means we can make custom-made dentures more quickly and provide you with new dentures that meet your expectations.


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