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Tooth Grinding

Individuals who have experienced pain or headaches as a result of tooth grinding could benefit from a range of solutions provided by Pearl Dental Clinic.

Before seeking treatment for the issue, it is important to establish the type of grinding that is occurring and where in the mouth it is taking place in order to find the most effective solution. It is also very important to establish a prevention regime to prevent further damage to the dentition.

The majority of people may be unaware that they grind their teeth when they are asleep, but a dull and constant headache or sore jaw is a telltale symptom of bruxism and should be treated immediately to ensure the problem does not exacerbate.

Temporo-mandibuar joint (TMJ) headaches are a common sign of teeth grinding and are usually treatable with the replacement of missing teeth, the adoption of relaxation techniques, wearing an anti-grinding appliance or using prescribed medication.

In some cases, bruxism can result in the loosening, fracturing or loss of teeth, while in other severe cases it could cause teeth to become like worn down tooth stumps. This could result in the requirement for bridges, crowns, dental implants or root canal treatments.

Tooth wear is the loss of a tooth surface that has not been caused by common dental issues, such as decay or trauma. This issue can have a negative impact on the protective layer of enamel, dentine or pulp found on each tooth.

Individuals with attrition, which is the wearing down of the chewing surface caused by bruxism, could end up with flat and unattractive teeth that become extremely sensitive and painful.

At Pearl Dental Clinic we are able to investigate this issue and provide a soft or hard night guard to prevent the patient from grinding their teeth during the night.

As part of the solution, the affected teeth may be repaired using composite white fillings or crowns to restore the person’s bite, while creating a dazzling and improved smile that patients are proud to show off in social situations.

It may also be necessary for some individuals to change the technique they use to brush their teeth, with some tooth wear caused by the use of an incorrect brush. This issue, which is referred to as abrasion, can cause the gums to recede and make the teeth more sensitive to cold air.

In abrasion cases, we can cover the exposed root surface using a composite resin filling, which is effective in reducing the tooth sensitivity and providing relief for patients.

Alternatively, individuals who suffer from tooth grinding could benefit from the use of a NTI-tss device, which is a clear plastic fixture that fits over the top two front teeth. By wearing this installation during the night, clenching becomes virtually impossible, thus reducing the damage caused to teeth.

Wearing this solution, which is available from Pearl Dental Clinic, can result in the suppression of the clenching reflex and can completely eradicate morning headaches, neck pain and jaw ache associated with teeth grinding and clenching.


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