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Tooth Extractions
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Oral Surgery / Dental Extractions

Sometimes toothache can be so severe or a tooth so badly broken down, that you may decide you want the tooth removed.

Our 24 Hour Emergency service is available 365 days a year and where possible we can arrange for immediate same day tooth extraction, even difficult wisdom teeth extractions.

Our dentists have the skills and experience in performing complex surgical tooth extractions and we have the specialist equipment needed to carry out complex surgical tooth extractions in house.

At Pearl dental clinic, we have an in-house Sirona XG plus Digital Panoramic Scanner with a Digital Transverse Slice Acquisition (TSA) unit. This state of the art high-tech machine allows us to obtain very accurate high definition cross-sectional images of the surgical site. With regards to wisdom tooth extractions and Implants, this machine allows much more accurate treatment planning and very precise surgical assessment.

We are also one of a few dental practices in the UK to use the revolutionary non-traumatic Physics forceps for tooth extractions. This amazing system reduces tooth extraction time significantly and reduces damage to the bone surrounding the tooth being removed. This means that bone is preserved for dental implant treatment should you wish to have that treatment carried out in future.

For those patients wishing to have a tooth extracted under IV sedation we also offer a seven days a week dental IV sedation service which means that the treatment will be completely painless and the experience will be very pleasant.

Tooth Extractions Video

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

An impacted Wisdom tooth.
Some bone is removed to gain access the
The tooth is split.
The roots are removed separately.
The gum is replaced and heals naturally

Our clinic is open from Monday to Sunday8am to 11pm but you can also see our dentists 24 hours of the day, by calling 0208 547 9997.

Latest Patient Reviews

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Understanding and patient. Reassuring. Everything explained fully with no pressure.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    opening hours ! professional, friendly, reassurring staff

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    friendly and comfortable. For anyone who is nervous, has fear of the dentist this practice will alleviate any fears. I am so impressed that I travel 2 hours each way to attend my appointments.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    The skill and expertise of Dr. Vahid Motahar and his calm, friendly, confident and relaxed manner. The Reception staff are also very pleasant, efficient and attentive.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic


  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Once more I am so grateful for my treatment today (10th August) The two front teeth you so painlessly removed, replacing with a small temporary plate, have given me absolutely no pain or discomfort whatsoever. My mouth feels completely normal with no pain killers needed at all.
    No one believes that I have had anything done. You provide such a kind, caring and excellent service for us "whimps", I dread the day that you move on or need a change of venue. Thank you so very, very much.

    August 2010
  • Dear All,


    I would just like to message you to thank everyone for everything they did for me. I traveled down to London from Leicestershire yesterday to have a tooth extraction. The dentist noticed how severe this tooth was and knew straight away that it needed to come out, this was done straight away and I left the dentist having had the extraction done which i was desperate to have done. It now means I can forget that awful toothache that I have been having daily, and not have to wait until 16th September to have my tooth extracted in Nottingham. It's people like yourselves that keep people going. Without your 24 hour surgery I would of had to wait until 16th September to have an extraction which is crazy. Once again many thanks for being so kind and helpful, I will certainly be back if I have any problems in the future.

    Kind Regards

    Aug 2008
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