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Tooth Contouring

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

This method of cosmetic dentistry could significantly increase a patient’s confidence by resulting in a beautiful smile. Tooth contouring can provide alterations to the length, shape, or position of teeth, as well as remove minor chips or cracks. Minor misalignments in the teeth may also be treated using the contouring method. Providing a much faster alternative to orthodontics.


Do I qualify for the treatment?

Any individual wishing for their teeth to appear more in line and less uneven can visit us for a consultation. Tooth contouring can make changes to teeth by removing small amounts of the tooth’s surface. Treatment is limited to small alterations, so as not to damage the enamel too much.


What are the benefits of the treatment?

A subtle change to a particular tooth can make all the difference to a person’s smile, thus increasing self-esteem. Furthermore, the procedure is very quick and easy.


How is tooth contouring and reshaping carried out?

Small amounts of enamel will be removed using a dental sanding drill. The last part of the process is to polish the teeth. This will give them a natural appearance and a smooth surface. For optimum results, the dentist may wish the patient to attend a follow-up appointment.


Will I need anesthetic?

Usually, an anaesthetic is not necessary. However, for those individuals who experience anxiety about the slight pain, an injection may be provided.


Are there alternative procedures?

Alongside contouring, a teeth whitening procedure can be carried out. Once the teeth are a whiter shade the contouring procedure will look even more effective.

Another alternative is the dental veneer. This method is often used in cases where a tooth has become severely chipped or discoloured.


Other methods to improve your smile

Those people worried about the stigma attached to wearing braces could benefit from Invisalign invisible braces, which have an almost invisible appearance.

An alternative method of creating a new smile comes in the form of Lumineers, an innovative treatment that does not require the removal of large amounts of tooth tissue to provide a smile makeover.


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