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Tooth Contouring

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

Patients who suffer from chipped or cracked teeth may have found a solution in tooth contouring and reshaping treatment. This method of cosmetic dentistry could significantly increase a patient’s confidence by resulting in a beautiful smile.

To straighten severely crooked and overlapping teeth, patients are offered Invisalign braces at Pearl dental clinic. In more minor cases, dental contouring and reshaping can be used as an alternative to braces to straighten misaligned teeth in a single visit.

Patients could also request alterations to the length, shape or position of their teeth in order to improve their appearance. Where an increase in tooth length is desired, composite bonding can be used to increase tooth length without any damage to the underlying tooth.

Do I qualify for the treatment?

Any individual wishing for their teeth to appear more in line and less uneven especially at the tooth tips can visit us for a consultation. Tooth contouring can make small changes to teeth by removing small amounts of enamel from teeth.

If large amounts of protective enamel are removed from the teeth, they may become weaker, sensitive and vulnerable to bacteria. As a result of this, the tooth contouring treatment should be limited to small alterations, with patients opting for dental veneers as an alternative if they wish to have larger changes to their teeth.

In addition, it is vital for people hoping to receive the treatment to ensure they maintain good oral health, with the use of an effective at-home hygiene routine, as the procedure can only be performed on strong healthy teeth.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

A subtle change to a particular tooth can make all the difference to a person’s smile, thus increasing their self-esteem immediately. The procedure can be carried out during one session and usually at a small cost.

How is tooth contouring and reshaping carried out?

To begin with, your dentist will take an X-ray in order to obtain an accurate picture of the extent of the treatment. This will also ensure that the pulp of the tooth is a significant distance away from the area being reshaped.

Following this, a small mark will be made on the teeth to provide a guide to the extent of contouring needed. The dentist will then confirm with you to ensure that you are happy with the plan too.

A sanding drill will then be utilized to gradually remove small amounts of enamel, then abrasive strips are used to shape the sides of the affected teeth.

To finish the procedure, the newly shaped teeth will be smoothed and polished to give them a natural, attractive appearance and a smooth surface. For optimum results, your dentist may wish to follow up the initial appointment with a second follow-up procedure.

Will I need anesthetic?

Due to the simple superficial nature of the treatment, the tooth is not usually placed under anesthetic during the course of the drilling. However, for those individuals who experience anxiety about the slight pain, an injection may be provided to ensure your practitioner is able to perform the intricate sculpting with minimal disturbance.

Are there alternative procedures?

We are able to carry out a number of alternative cosmetic procedures to create a Hollywood smile for patients. Often, these can be used to complement the effects of dental contouring and reshaping.

Teeth whitening can be carried out prior to tooth contouring to improve the shade and colour of a discoloured dentition.

Dental veneers are often used to make improvements to the smile alongside the sculpturing process. The thin pieces of custom-shaped porcelain are glued to the front of teeth to provide a dazzling appearance. This method is often used in cases where a tooth has become severely chipped or discoloured.

During this process your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner will create an impression of the teeth in order to ensure the custom-made fixtures fit perfectly. The treatment differs from the installation of dental crowns as it does not require very large amounts of the tooth to be removed.

Other methods to improve your smile

Those people worried about the stigma attached to wearing braces could benefit from Invisalign invisible braces, which have an almost invisible appearance. A wide range of celebrities have donned these accessories, including pop sensation Justin Bieber, in a bid to create a perfectly aligned Hollywood smile.

An alternative method of creating a new smile comes in the form of Lumineers, an innovative treatment that does not require the removal of large amounts of tooth tissue to provide a smile makeover. Made from Cerinate porcelain, the 0.2mm thick fixtures are bonded to teeth to create a natural-looking smile.



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