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Stain Removal
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Stain Removal

Image-conscious individuals who may have discoloured teeth and want to make improvements to their smile should contact a Pearl Dental Clinic professional as soon as possible to improve their quality of life.

The practice’s range of stain removal treatments effectively eradicate the appearance of any discolouration that may have emerged on teeth as a result of years of smoking or consumption of coloured food and drink.

While staining on the teeth is very common, it can cause significant reductions to a person’s self-esteem and make them feel unnecessarily uncomfortable and nervous in social situations – particularly with company they may not know.

Some people naturally have a slight yellow or grey tinge to their teeth, but with the Pearl Dental Clinic stain removal solution, patients are able to enjoy a new lease of life with their dazzling pearly white smile.

Extrinsic discolouration, which is staining found on the surface of the teeth, can be brought on as a result of a number of factors, including poor oral hygiene and a build-up of plaque.

In addition, regular consumption of substances such as tea, coffee, red wine, curry, fried food and fizzy drinks can have a similar effect in creating a yellow or brown build-up on the surface.

Some antibiotics can also cause certain individuals to experience a change in the appearance of their teeth, while mouthwashes containing the antibacterial chlorhexidine can cause discolouration.

Intrinsic stains, which are found within the structure of the tooth, can be caused by fluoride from toothpaste causing both brown stains and white flecks, while older individuals could develop brown staining as a result of a thinner layer of protective enamel.

The use of tetracycline antibiotic among children can also cause tooth discolouration, with the stains taking the shape of brown and grey striping across the enamel surfaces.

Both smoking and tooth decay, which can be caused by poor dental hygiene and a sugary diet, can cause extrinsic and intrinsic staining on the teeth and should therefore be prevented through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, which could also promote overall wellbeing.

While extrinsic staining of the teeth can be relatively simple to remove, intrinsic discolouration can be more difficult to contend with. Pearl Dental Clinic offers a wide range of treatments for individuals to enjoy the benefits of a pearly white smile.

The practice’s professionals are able to offer guidance on an effective oral hygiene program that could reduce the risk of the issue exacerbating over time, as well as medical treatment that can remove the stains from the teeth.

Teeth whitening can also be useful for reversing the effects of discolouration, while chewing sugar-free gum could also give teeth a healthier appearance.


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