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Dental patients with minor orthodontic problems could benefit from Simpli5 invisible aligners to improve their smile and straighten their teeth.

Simpli5 Invisible Aligners

What can Simpli5 fix?

The Simpli5 clear braces can be used to fix small issues involving crooked front teeth, which could be ideal for people preparing for other cosmetic dental procedures, such as dental veneers.

How does Simpli5 work?

Primarily targeting the patient’s four to six front teeth, the treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to create removable clear aligners to be worn for the majority of the day (around 20 hours a day).

By straightening teeth, Simpli5 aligners make carrying out oral health routines much easier. Straight teeth make flossing and brushing a simpler process and better cleaning limits the development of problems such as gum disease.

During the Simpli5 process, our dentists will take X-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth in order to custom-build the Simpli5 aligners, which ensures the procedure will be successful in correcting the position of teeth.

The high standard of fixtures provided by Simpli5 aligners means that the positive effects of the braces are visible well before the end of the treatment. This could lead to higher self-esteem among people who have previously been concerned about the appearance of their teeth.

How can Simpli5 help me?

In addition, the near-invisible nature of the removable fixtures could encourage peace of mind among image-conscious wearers, who may be worried about receiving traditional metal braces during adulthood.

The fast nature of the treatment may also appeal to people looking for a speedy solution to an often lifelong problem. Simpli5 estimate that the improvements will be complete after a period of 3 to 5 months.

After some time, patients will usually be asked to return for a follow-up appointment to assess whether the fixtures need altering to cater to the teeth that have moved as a result of the brace being worn for approximately 20 hours per day.

The non-painful procedure is increasingly being used by dentists as an effective method of aligning teeth and improving smiles. Any minor pain can be easily managed with over the counter painkillers.

Alternative Treatments

People who have previously had fitted braces but suffered relapse, could benefit from Simpli5 aligners as an alternative to braces. However, those patients with more severe cases of malocclusion may be advised to seek alternative treatments such as Invisalign and Six month smiles.

For example, individuals who take part in regular social activities or play sports may benefit from Invisalign rather than traditional metal braces.

However Simpli5 aligners cost less than Invisalign and both systems use very discreet invisible aligners, making Simpli5 well-suited for dental patients with very simple orthodontic problems.


Fees and Finance Options

Treatment Cost 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year 5 Years
Invisalign i7 (including 3 Sets of Vivera Retainers) £1495 £1.04 a day £2.08 a day £4.15 a day £1.14 a day
Invisalign Lite (including 3 Sets of Vivera Retainers) £1995 £1.39 a day £2.77 a day £5.54 a day £1.52 a day
Invisalign Full (including Refinement & 3 Sets of Vivera Retainers) £2795 £1.94 a day £3.88 a day £7.76 a day £2.12 a day
Six Months Smiles £1595 £1.11 a day £2.22 a day £4.43 a day £1.21 a day
Fastbraces £1795 £1.25 a day £2.49 a day £4.99 a day £1.36 a day
Simpli5 £845 £N/A £N/A £2.35 a day £N/A
Invisalign Teen (including Refinement & 3 Sets of Vivera Retainers) £2995 £2.08 a day £4.16 a day £8.32 a day £2.28 a day

0% Finance


*25% deposit is required for 3 years finance. Finance amounts are based on 30 days in a month

A previous stigma attached to wearing braces has been removed after a number of famous faces adopted the mouth accessories to improve their smiles. Holly Willoughby, Prince Harry and Dakota Fanning are among the celebrities who have corrected teeth alignment using the equipment.

Actor Tom Cruise and fashion icon Gwen Stefani have also previously worn fitted braces in a bid to solve problems with their teeth. The confident duo have been photographed proudly showing off the accessories on a number of occasions.

Teen sensation and heart-throb Justin Bieber has previously walked the red carpet wearing his Invisalign braces, proving that wearing fixtures can be fashionable if it leads to a perfectly straight Hollywood smile.

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