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Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment
Redoing Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments

Individuals that are experiencing an abundance of pain as a result of an infection within a tooth could require root canal treatment to provide relief for the issue, which is available from Pearl Dental Clinic and is carried out under microscope magnification by our Specialist Endodontist at the practice.

This procedure is needed when bacteria that live in the mouth invade the tooth, which usually occurs when a person has severe tooth decay, a leaked filling or when their teeth are damaged following an accident.

Should harmful bacteria get caught within a tooth and begin to multiply, the dentist could decide to extract the infected tooth or remove the substance from the root canal system by carrying out this procedure.

Although considered one of the most painful forms of dentistry, root canal treatments should in fact cause no discomfort for patients as a result of the local anaesthetic used. In addition, the high success rate of root canal treatment means the tooth could remain for a further five years following the procedure.

The Specialist in root canal treatment known as a Specialist Endodontist will remove the pulp, clean out the root canal space and replace the lost tooth tissue with a root filling.

The procedure is usually only required when it is clear that the hard tissue has been damaged by bacterial infection, with symptoms including pain when drinking hot or cold food and drink, pain when chewing and a loose feeling in the tooth.

Although these symptoms subside after some time, it is vital to attend a dental consultation as side effects can worsen. Some patients could experience facial swelling, pus oozing from the affected tooth or swelling of the gums.

This is followed by the use of a series of small files to enlarge the canals and allow them to be cleaned and filled effectively, depending on the location of the affected tooth. On some occasions this process usually requires two or three appointments to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

Individuals who maintain their oral health through an effective routine could keep their natural tooth for a longer period of time than those with unhealthy teeth and gums following the procedure.

Following root canal treatment its highly advised that the root filled tooth is crowned as a root filled tooth is brittle and can fracture without a dental crown. Also a root filled tooth can discolour and a crown can hide the tooth discolouration very well.

In some cases, root canal treatment is not sufficient to remove an infection from the mouth. This could lead to the requirement for an Apicectomy microsurgery, which treats more deep-seated issues in the mouth.


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