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A pulpotomy is a procedure that removes the pulp from the crown of the tooth. If the rest of the pulp in the root area of tooth is still healthy then pulpotomy could be the best option. This is often a better scenario than full pulp removal as the tooth still retains its blood supply. However, the course of action needed is best determined by a Specialist Endodontist.


What is the difference between a pulpotomy and a pulpectomy?

A pulpotomy removes infection from the crown of the tooth whereas a pulpectomy is performed to remove pulp from the whole tooth (crown and roots). A pulpectomy is also referred to as a root canal treatment.

Pulpotomy is an unsuitable treatment for teeth that have become completely infected, and in that scenario root canal treatment or tooth extraction will be required.

Pulpotomy usually costs less than root canal treatment as less dental chair time is usually required for pulpotomy.


How can the pulp become infected?

The pulp of a tooth can become infected for many reasons. For example, if a tooth suffers trauma, if a restoration is not adequate, or if a tooth has deep decay. Whatever the cause of the problem the tooth will need examining and treating as soon as possible. The sooner infection is removed the better the prognosis is likely to be.


What does the pulpotomy process entail?

A pulpotomy treatment removes any diseased tooth pulp from the crown of the tooth and leaves behind healthy pulp tissue in the root of the tooth. An Endodontist will drill into the tooth to access the pulp area of the tooth. Following this the diseased pulp will be removed. A disinfecting agent may also be added to ensure any remaining bacteria is removed. Finally a permanent restoration, such as a filling will be used to seal the tooth.


Are there any risks with pulpotomy?

Yes. Occasionally pain arises after pulpotomy and does not settle down and in those situations, the only course of action remaining to keep the tooth and to stop the pain is to carry out root canal treatment.


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