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Other Dental Veneers

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Other Dental veneers

We have a range of other dental veneers available at Pearl dental clinic. We mainly supply Emax veneers, Lumineers and composite veneers at pearl dental clinic but based on patient needs we can also supply Da Vinci veneers, Durathin veneers and Mac veneers should patients wish to have those American made veneers. Composite veneers involve either no tooth shaving or minimal tooth shaving and are the most conservative option. The other dental veneers such as the different brands of porcelain veneers usually but not always involve some tooth reduction which is irreversible. Tooth reduction can occasionally lead to tooth sensitivity after veneer cementation.

Composite veneers are cheaper and quicker to produce than porcelain veneers and can be repaired more quickly and cheaply should veneer repair be necessary in future. At Pearl dental clinic we always assess our patients to see which type of veneer is the most suitable cosmetic solution for their needs. Patients must be aware that all dental veneers require maintenance and care in order to increase their lifespan. This usually involves brushing and flossing daily, wearing a nightguard at night and 6-12 monthly check-ups and hygiene visits at the dental clinic. Patients must also avoid eating very hard foods or avoid habits such as nail biting to reduce the risk of damage to their dental veneers. The average lifespan of veneers can be increased significantly by following these simple care guidelines.

If patients are in doubt about being able to wear a nightguard at night, we would recommend composite veneers over porcelain veneers. In such situations, if veneer fracture does occur in future the composite veneer can be repaired much more easily, quickly and cheaply than a porcelain veneer. The average lifespan of composite veneers is around 5 years and porcelain veneers last on average around 10 years with a good maintenance regime in place.


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