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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can encompass many different dental specialisms and is an integral part of restoring the form and function of the mouth and teeth following damage or trauma. This type of dental specialist is also skilled in treating defects and complex issues relating to the face, mouth, and neck.


Dr Syed Hasan AliOur resident specialist Oral Surgeon is Dr. Syed Hasan Ali. Hasan has developed his Oral Surgical skills through training in Oral Surgery and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Units and by his many years of experience working in various London hospitals. He has completed his Fellowship and Membership Exams in the subject of Oral Surgery. Hasan is registered with the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Oral Surgery.


Dr. Ali has also gained over twelve years experience as a trained dental sedationist. Here at the clinic, we provide IV sedation options. Combining his two areas of expertise he can ensure that patients are calm and relaxed and receive excellent care and treatment.


Specialist Oral Surgery treatments available at Pearl Dental Clinic


Surgical Wisdom tooth extractions

Wisdom teeth can cause very complex issues and can result in pain and discomfort. Often wisdom teeth need extracting by an oral surgeon to ensure that they are removed safely and effectively. Especially if they are difficult to reach, have erupted at an unnatural angle, or have become infected.


Complex tooth extractions

Not all tooth extractions are simple cases. Therefore, they may require an oral surgeon to perform a surgical extraction. This process is often needed if the roots have broken off in the gum or a tooth has not erupted correctly. Most clinics would need to refer their patients to a dental hospital, whereas we have the skill and expertise to complete the procedure on site. Some patients may also be referred to us by their dentist for more specialised treatment.


Dental Abscesses

Dental Abscess can be very painful and compromise function as well as make you feel unwell. Sooner they are drained the better. We offer urgent treatment for a dental abscess at Pearl Dental Clinic. If the tooth is not saveable it will be removed either at the same time or later. If the tooth is saveable you can be offered to see our specialist endodontist.


Cyst enucleation

Cyst enucleation involves the removal of infected tissue and liquid from a dental cyst. The reason this is such a specialist area is due to its intricacy. If the cyst is not removed in one piece then the legion can reoccur and cause further complications.


Biopsies and removal of Small lumps inside the mouth

For patients concerned about tissue changes or unusual developments they could need a dental biopsy. These changes may have been noticed by us or another dentist. Alternatively, you may have made a self-referral. Here at the clinic, we recognise the importance of fast and precise investigation of such developments. Therefore, we endeavour to investigate as quickly as possible.


Minor Pre-Prosthetic and Orthodontic Surgeries

Removal of small bony tori, smoothing and reshaping of dental ridges can help the fit of denture.

Orthodontic treatment quite often need exposure & Bond of Buccally Impacted canines, or extractions, and frenectomies.


Dr. Syed Hasan Ali accepts specialist referrals from dentists working at Pearl Dental Clinic and also from dentists working in other practices for Oral Surgery procedures. Patients can book-in directly for a consultation with Hasan by calling the practice or booking online.

Please note: As per Oral Surgery commissioning guidelines, all major or high risk cases (3B) will be referred to hospitals.


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