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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Sports players with an active lifestyle could benefit from the range of mouth guards available from Pearl Dental Clinic, which can aid protection of the teeth during physically demanding pastimes.

The Sport mouth guard is vital to ensure prevention of dental injury during a game, as well as limit the likelihood of concussion – which could occur as a result of high impact challenges. We recommend wearing a sport mouth guard during any type of sport that could cause trauma to your teeth.

When selecting the protective equipment, patients should ensure the temporary fixture fits comfortably in the mouth, as well as extending to the very back teeth at the top and bottom.

The type of mouth guard worn can be dependent on the sport played by the individual, with low-impact activities normally requiring a thinner layer of protection than sports that include high levels of physical contact such as rugby.

For this reason, people who practice boxing and rugby have been advised to purchase a thicker 4mm sports guard in order to ensure increased protection and peace of mind for them.

People taking part in high levels of physical contact during sports could be provided with increased protection by the Pure Power Mouth Guard, available from Pearl Dental Clinic.

This custom-made device is also designed to provide relief for members of the public who suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, a condition associated with continual straining of the muscles surrounding the jaw.

By relaxing these muscles, your dentist could help you to achieve increased function in the often painful region using the Pure Power Mouth Guard.

People who experience problems with their back and neck could also benefit from the protection aid, in addition to those suffering from painful symptoms associated with TMJ. By restoring the joint to its most relaxed position, the previously aching tensed muscles will be able to contract freely.

In addition, competitive individuals are likely to experience increased stamina and limited tiredness, which could help them break through barriers and allow them to perform to the best of their ability.

The Pure Power Mouth Guard can also provide more flexibility for sports players aiming to push themselves to the limit during physical activity. Following treatment, active individuals could see further improvements to their endurance and strength.

Created following years of research, the custom-made mouth guards can optimise a player’s performance by realigning the muscles in the face and jaw. This is achieved through the use of a digital image of the individual’s jaw joint captured using advanced technology.

As part of the treatment, your Pearl Dental Clinic dentist will take precise measurements of the region in a bid to establish the optimum jaw position. Following this, the individually-suited Pure Power Mouth Guard can provide support for the player and ensure that the players jaw is appropriately aligned.

People who wear the mouth guards could find they have increased flexibility, which is beneficial during a strenuous workout. In addition, muscle contraction is improved as a result of the appliance’s positioning to limit the risk of painful tension while exercising.

Although the appliance is more commonly used by professional athletes, whose performance is critical for success, keep-fit fanatics hoping to experience increased ability in a range of sports could also see positive results.

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is not strictly for use in high-contact sports, as individuals taking part in regular training or other sports may also find the protection effective to improve their ability.

The device can be used by a wide variety of individuals; however those with fragile or loose teeth may be advised to opt for an alternative method of protection to ensure the best results. In addition, individuals with many missing back teeth may not be able to support the fixture effectively.

Patients wearing dental braces may also be offered alternative appliances for use during sports matches as their teeth are constantly moving and the custom-made guard is designed to fit perfectly around fixed teeth.

Those individuals who do not qualify to receive the treatment may be offered different types of sports guard by their Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner. Devices can be altered to attach to certain areas of the mouth where they would be more beneficial, such as the bottom jaw for people playing non-contact sports.

By providing effective protection for the teeth and face, the Pure Power Mouth Guard offers a vast array of benefits for people looking to enhance their ability across a range of activities and those who wish to protect their dentition effectively.


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