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Laser Gum Reshaping

Laser Gum Reshaping

Some patients suffer from excessive gum tissue showing, especially in their smile zone which makes their teeth look shorter and less attractive.

Patients who suffer from an uneven gum line resulting in some teeth looking longer than others and so creating an unattractive smile, look for an easy and painless way of correcting their gummy smile.

A gummy smile can be painlessly & easily corrected with a soft tissue laser and with laser gum reshaping teeth can be made to look longer once again and the smile can be improved quickly and dramatically.

Below you can see an Image of our Kavo Soft tissue laser that we use for gum contouring:

laser gum reshaping

To correct the gummy smile, we carry out soft tissue Laser Sculpting of the gum tissues and where necessary the underlying bone can be removed to create a healthier and more attractive looking gum contour. If underlying bone tissue is removed, the procedure is called osseous crown lengthening.

As a result of Laser sculpting, gummy smile sufferers see more of their teeth when they smile and less of their gums will be visible. We can also further improve the appearance of teeth by using composite bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns.

Our dentists have the skills and experience in performing soft tissue Laser sculpting and crown lengthening. We are one of a few practices in the UK to have a state of the art Kavo Diode Soft tissue Laser and our Periodontist (Gum Specialist) is on the General Dental Council’s specialist list for Periodontology.

If you are interested in laser gum reshaping treatment, the initial step would be to have a consultation with one of our experienced dentists so that we can fully assess your smile, teeth and gums and let you know what we can do to help.


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