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Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions


What is Invisalign made of?

Invisalign aligners are created using a uniquely developed thermoplastic material and look similar to teeth-whitening trays. A series of Invisalign aligners are custom-made for every patient in order to move teeth into the right position.


Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions


How does Invisalign move teeth?

Patients will be provided with a series of special aligners throughout the treatment. Slight adjustments are made to the teeth with each aligner. After two weeks, patients will begin to use the next set of aligners to continue the straightening process. You will need to see our dentists every 6-8 weeks for a review.


What are the benefits of Invisalign?

The virtually invisible nature of Invisalign aligners means no one will notice that you are wearing them. This allows for discreet teeth straighten.

In addition, the aligners can be removed, giving you the freedom to take the appliances out to eat and drink as well as brushing and flossing in order to maintain your oral health.

Furthermore, the fact that there are no metal brackets or wires that can cause irritation and discomfort inside the mouth gives Invisalign an advantage over traditional fixed braces.

The innovative Clincheck technology utilised with Invisalign allows you to see how straight your teeth will look when the treatment is complete. Patients can see the finished results before beginning the Invisalign treatment.


How long does the Invisalign treatment take?

The length of the Invisalign straightening process depends on the severity of each individual case. In most cases, patients are able to enjoy their new smile after approximately 9-12 months.


How often should Invisalign aligners be worn?

Between 20 and 22 hours every day – removing them only for eating, drinking (apart from water), brushing and flossing.


Do I need to attend regular appointments for Invisalign?

Yes, between every 6-8 weeks to ensure the treatment is progressing as planned.


Is the Invisalign treatment painful?

Some patients will experience a temporary feeling of discomfort for a few days at the beginning of each new stage of treatment. However, this is not as severe as the pain felt when wearing traditional metal appliances.


Does Invisalign affect speech?

Similarly to traditional orthodontic treatments, the aligners may affect the way a person talks for a short time. Some patients have reported a slight lisp for a day or two. However, as the tongue gets used to having braces in the mouth, these signs should disappear.


Do I need to restrict my diet with Invisalign?

Thanks to the removable nature of Invisalign braces, patients can eat and drink whatever they like during the treatment.


Can I consume alcohol during Invisalign treatment?

Yes, but you must remove your Invisalign aligners first.



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