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Implant Gallery 1


Dental implants gallery 1 showing a selection of before & after photos of dental implant cases carried out at Pearl dental clinic in London since 2007. The practice is open 7 days a week. To book a dental implant consultation with an experienced dentist please call the dental practice reception team on 0203 750 5300.


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Implant Case 1A. Missing Front tooth

Implant Case 1B. Immediate Placement in the aesthetic zone

The Patient below presented with a broken down root. We removed this root and placed an implant on the same day.

Implant Case 1C. Sinus tap procedure

The patient below presented with a gap in the upper 1st molar region. Her dentist had extracted the tooth a few months previously due to a failed root canal filling.

Implant Case 1D. Full mouth Rehabilitation

The patient below presented with multiple teeth with poor prognosis and asked for a full lower implant supported bridge followed by the same for the top jaw once the work for the lower jaw is completed.

Implant Case 1E. Missing lower front teeth

Implant Case 1F. Missing front tooth

Implant Case 1G. Missing premolars

Implant Case 1H. Dental Implants after Bone Augmentation

Implant Case 1I. Missing front tooth

Implant Case1J. Single unit Implant crown

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