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General Dentistry

General dentistry

Patients can visit Pearl Dental Clinic for a wide array of general dentistry services, as well as cosmetic changes and emergency procedures.

The installation of white fillings, which can be used to restore decayed or fractured teeth, is just one of the many routine services available.

Fillings are used to fill holes (cavities) that have appeared in the teeth due to decay or general wear, with different types of filling selected for different cavities.

White composite fillings are the most common type in use today, as they offer a natural look, bond to the remaining tooth tissue very well and can be completed in a single visit.

For larger cavities, a composite inlay or onlay may be a better solution. These often require two visits to be fitted, as they will be constructed specifically for the patient by a technician in a dental laboratory.

Often recommended for people who have suffered serious tooth decay or trauma to their teeth, inlay and onlay replacements help to create a healthier smile and stronger teeth.

An inlay is placed within a cavity inside a tooth, while an onlay usually covers over the cusps of the tooth. An onlay is more protective of the tooth cusps and is more suitable in cases where significant tooth loss has occurred.

Dentists use a moulded impression of the broken tooth to fabricate inlays and onlays, which are then cemented to the remains of the tooth during the second session.

Patients can choose from gold, porcelain, zirconium and composite resin materials when selecting their inlays and onlays.

Although this treatment is usually more expensive than white fillings, inlays and onlays are known to last longer and could prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Because they are made outside the mouth, dental technicians have an opportunity to make sure all inlays and onlays are ideal for their patients in terms of size and shape before they are fitted.

They are generally more durable than ordinary white fillings and are therefore suitable for the grinding surfaces of molar teeth.

People whose teeth have been weakened by decay may also seek to have dental crowns fitted. Dental crowns are especially recommended for teeth that have been root filled as root canal treated teeth are more to fracture and the dental crowns protect the tooth against fracture.

Also known as a cap, this treatment is a full restoration that is placed over a damaged tooth to protect it against fracture and improve its appearance.

Crowns are shaped like natural teeth and are similar in appearance to dental veneers. However, crowns cover all surfaces of a tooth while veneers are only applied to the visible exterior of the tooth.

Dentists use a putty-like material to take a mould of the tooth, with the dental technician then using this shape to make the crown.

A range of dental crowns are available to patients at Pearl Dental Clinic, including all ceramic crowns, metal ceramic crowns, all zirconium crowns and gold crowns.

There are occasions when due to pain, infection or fracture, patients need to have a tooth removed and at pearl dental clinic, our specialist oral surgeons are on hand to provide immediate dental extractions seven days a week. Our specialist oral surgeons are experienced in carrying out complex tooth extractions such as wisdom tooth extractions under local anaesthetic or Intra-Venous sedation.

Our 24 hour emergency dental service means that we can provide fillings, root canals and tooth extractions anytime 365 days of the year to stop toothache and provide immediate relief for patients who are in pain. Our emergency dental service is available to all members of the public and you do not have to be a registered patient with the practice to be seen and treated urgently. Any general dentistry follow-up treatment required can either be carried out at Pearl or by your own dentist.

For patients suffering from failed or missing teeth, we provide dentures, dental bridges and dental implants to replace those missing teeth. Dentures are usually the cheapest option available for replacing missing teeth and dental implants are the most natural option for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges are a quick option for replacing teeth but their popularity is diminishing these days due to the availability of the more conservative and natural dental implant treatments.

Patients suffering from bleeding gums and gum disease are advised to consider seeing a gum specialist. Gum specialists can diagnose gum disease and offer effective remedies to prevent further gum recession and bone loss. Gum disease can often silently be causing bone loss and gum recession and is often diagnosed in advanced stages where significant damage could have been prevented had the disease been diagnosed and treated sooner.

We recommend booking a full dental examination with one of our experienced dentists once a year so that your teeth can be examined clinically and a prevention regime instigated to prevent common preventable general dentistry problems such as tooth decay, infection and gum disease.


Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0203 750 5300 or emailing us or booking an appointment online

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