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What is Fastbraces and how it works?

Fastbraces ® is a new form of orthodontic treatment that has been in development in the USA for the last twenty years. Recently the technology has become available to the UK. Fastbraces® uses a unique patented triangular brackets system and a specially made extra flexible wire. The treatment from start to finish uses only one wire which exerts very gentle forces on the teeth. Due to this, patients feel less discomfort and pain than with other fixed systems. Also, the device can achieve excellent results in the shortest time possible.

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Advantages of Fastbraces ® compared to Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles® and traditional fixed braces?

Traditional Fixed Braces

Based on the research and the results of its clinical use on patients, Fastbraces® offers a system of tooth alignment that has all the benefits of the traditional fixed brace. Traditional fixed braces work in parallel to the roots of the teeth and can take many years to achieve results. However, with Fastbraces®, the same results can be achieved in a much shorter time. On average this is around 3-12 months, with much less discomfort involved. Also, unlike traditional braces, in the vast majority of the cases, the Fastbraces® system avoids tooth extraction for better alignment.

Short Orthodontic System

Short Orthodontic Systems like Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles® mostly concentrate on straightening the teeth by tilting or tipping the crown of a tooth into an aligned position. Therefore, little attention is paid to the positioning of the roots of the teeth. This can be an important disadvantage as there is increased risk of the teeth going back to their original position once the treatment is finished. This is referred to as a relapse. In comparison to these systems, Fastbraces® not only correct the position of the crown of the tooth but also corrects the position of the roots too. In many cases, Fastbraces® can also produce faster results.

Gum Recession

One of the complications with any form of orthodontic treatment is gum recession. This happens due to the loss of supporting bone around the tooth when they move into place. Another very important advantage that Fastbraces® is said to uphold is that it can build up the supporting bone around the root of the tooth. This means there is a lot less risk of gum recession with Fastbraces®.

Another big advantage with this appliance is the cost. The cost of Fastbraces® is very similar to other systems such as Invisalign® or Six Month Smiles.

Disadvantage of Fastbraces ®

A disadvantage of Fastbraces® is it still uses the bracket and wire system, as opposed to the clear plastic aligners used with Invisalign. However, patients can have tooth coloured wire and ceramic brackets which still make this a very discreet option.

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