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Emergency Dentures

The delicate nature of dentures can unfortunately mean they are more prone to breakages than other dental equipment. When this occurs, wearers can often suffer a low self esteem and do not wish to be seen out of public without being able to proudly show off their smile.

Luckily, the specialists at Pearl Dental Clinic have the innovative equipment needed to carry out such denture repairs, as well as the know-how to create replacement emergency dentures that can be worn out of the practice just a short time later.

Although they may not be as strong as their long-term counterparts, emergency dentures can provide an excellent temporary solution while the original fixtures are repaired – allowing cosmetic dentistry patients to take full advantage of social situations with confidence.

Why do dentures break?

Accidents involving breakage of this type of fixture happen on a regular basis due to the fragile structure. The majority of dentists recommend patients have their fixtures replaced once every seven years to remain in-keeping with the altering shape of the face and jaw, as ill-fitting appliances are more likely to become damaged.

Furthermore, often the replacement teeth break because they are not as strong and durable as natural teeth. The material they are created from – usually plastic, flexible or metal – can begin to degrade because of the damp conditions in the mouth.

Daily wear and tear may also have a negative effect on dentures as talking and chewing both exert pressure on them that can ultimately result in them snapping.

The fittings could endure damage in a number of different ways, which makes it important for patients to be aware of cases when they may need to seek guidance from a professional, such as those at Pearl Dental Clinic.

In many cases, the teeth replacements will acquire stains or small chips that can be corrected by a dentist. However, these types of cases would not require immediate care so patients can rest easy in the knowledge there is a simple solution to their problem.

Dental specialists may have problems repairing those dentures that have become cracked or completely different. Furthermore, losing teeth from the fixture can make chewing and eating an extremely difficult process – so individuals should seek advice. It is important that people keep hold of all of the pieces when the installation breaks to increase the chances of enjoying a full recovery.

Are dentures easy to repair?

A Pearl Dental Clinic professional is able to tell patients the extent of the damage and inform them of the best course of action to take that will allow them to smile with confidence in their everyday life.

Cracked dentures are possibly the simplest to repair and can typically be bonded back together. Similarly, those that have lost teeth are a fairly easy to mend as a skilled practitioner can match the colour of the new teeth to the existing set.

Slightly more problematic issues include fixtures that are completely broken, although this is not always impossible. Patients who keep all the pieces of the installation in one place are more likely to enjoy the benefits of their repaired dentures sooner than those who do not.

Visiting a dentist – such as those at Pearl Dental Clinic – is advised for people whose devices have sustained severe damage, as a new mould of the pearly whites may need to be taken. Although this can be more time consuming, the advantages of having dentures that fit perfectly can then be experienced by wearers on a daily basis.

High quality materials used in cementing and bonding in dentistry now mean the installations can be repaired to an exceptional standard.

Where can I get my dentures repaired?

Returning to the place where the installations were initially fitted is the best option for most patients. However, if this is not possible, a high number of establishments – including Pearl Dental Clinic – provide the same treatment.

In some cases, the fixtures will need to be sent off to a specialist laboratory to ensure they are repaired correctly and to the finest standard. Although this can take up to three weeks, most patients would agree the timing is not important when it comes to looking and feeling good.

Furthermore, patients who have their dentures corrected at Pearl Dental Clinic may wish to take advantage of emergency devices so they are able to flash their smile with pride in the meantime.

Should I attempt to repair my dentures myself?

Patients certainly should not attempt to carry out any maintenance work on their dentures by themselves. Although a denture repair kit can provide a short-term solution, they will eventually require professional attention.

A number of different types of kit are available on the market and can be purchased in most pharmacies. Usually, they will include items such as bonding material or glue that can be utilised for general breakages on such installations.

More expensive options often contain a sample of different teeth that can be attached should one of the existing versions fall out. While they are obviously a temporary solution, such equipment can spare wearers the humiliation associated with losing a pearly white and are a useful purchase for any older person. However for a permanent solution, a set of emergency dentures will have to be constructed. At Pearl dental clinic we can provide you with same-day emergency dentures, 365 days of the year.


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