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Emergency Dentistry Rating 5 out of 5 based on 44 reviews

Emergency Dentistry

Pearl Dental Clinic offers a wide range of procedures for patients who may require an emergency dentistry procedure after an infection or breaking a tooth in a sporting accident or an injury.

Individuals who require emergency dental treatment are urged to contact the practice as soon as possible to resolve the issue, which could worsen over time and ultimately result in wider oral health issues or a long period of unnecessary pain and discomfort.

While some people may never require emergency dentistry, others may experience a chipped tooth, debonded or fractured crown or veneer or a severe bout of toothache that is in need of urgent attention.

This form of care may require an emergency consultation during out-of-office periods (11pm-8am), which is possible by calling the emergency dentist on-call on 0208 547 9997. During normal office hours, patients in pain can simply come to the practice and they will be seen as soon as possible. Out of normal clinic opening hours, we ask patients to first call the practice to arrange their emergency appointment.

Before attending the practice, an ice pack should be added to cases of facial swelling, tooth loss or high trauma before seeking clinical attention and pressure should be added to injuries causing bleeding prior to visiting the dental clinic.

Once the situation is under control, the emergency dentist will be able to provide treatment for the problem. In many cases, a tooth that has fallen can be fixed back into place, but it is vital for patients to think fast and contact the practice as soon as the injury has occurred.

X-rays and scans will be carried out for most patients in order to assess the extent of the injury while determining any possible solutions to the issue.

Dental trauma cases involve the tooth being forced out of its natural position, knocked out completely or fractured, with each type of injury requiring its own special type of care.

Individuals whose teeth have been pushed out of alignment are advised to apply small amounts of pressure to reposition the tooth back into place, while those whose tooth has fallen out completely should clean any debris and store the tooth in a glass of milk and immediately come to the practice.

When dental trauma occurs, the resulting bleeding or fractured teeth may appear very serious to the patient and could worry a nervous patient but patients can rest assured that we have the modern equipment and techniques to rectify even severe cases of dental trauma.

Individuals who may find it difficult attending appointments at Pearl Dental Clinic could benefit from home visit dentistry, which is available to disabled people, people who are living in a care home or people who suffer from severe dental anxiety or are housebound.

A wide variety of dental treatments such as check-ups, dental fillings, teeth scaling, extractions and dentures can be provided by the clinic’s home visit professionals, depending on the needs of the individual.

It is vital for home visit dentistry patients to inform their practitioner of any pre-existing conditions or medications they are taking before they are treated.


Latest Patient Reviews

  • Dr Vahid Motahar


    Dear Dr Vahid Motahar, A few weeks ago I had a dentist appointment with you as I had a cyst at the bottom of my wisdom tooth. You kindly referred me to Guys hospital straight away who were brilliant, and yesterday I had it removed. I just wanted to write and say a big thank you to you for looking after me so well, being kind when I was upset and for sorting me out so efficiently and professionally. I will recommend you to anyone I know with teeth issues in future !

    Best wishes and thanks,

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Opening hours and professionalism - reception staff excellent

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Efficient and friendly

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Dentist made me feel at ease and was very patient and professional

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Friendly staff and dentists who always put patients at ease.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    They catered for my needs immeadiately, were friendly and honest. They installed a sense of trust from the offset.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    dental team friendly and and doctor are professional in there work

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    I felt the care and treatment I received from Dr Mohsen Esfahani was excellent and I felt very happy with the work I had done. I was also very grateful to get an appointment at such short notice on a Saturday.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    The sure hand of my dentist. And, in particular his patience.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Great people and knowledgable practitioners

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Quick appointment system

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    The availability of opening on weekends and the most, the professional job done when extracting my wisdom tooth!!!. I live about 21 miles away but I will definitively will go to Pearl Dental Clinic again if I have a problem with my teeth.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Nice people on reception

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    The treatment was carried out with very short notice from myself and was administered very quickly and professionally.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Not having to wait for an appointment.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    able to attend on a Sunday close to home

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Excellent dental skills and knowledge combined with good friendly service ....prompt support in an emergency.

  • Dr. Ehsan Esfahani

    Mr. Thomas

    A very big thank you to the clinic and to Dr Ehsan Esfahani and his assistant for all the work they did today. From my first phone call to the final goodbye, everything was very clearly explained and treatment was conducted with utter professionalism. Well done.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Professional and excellent work done by the dentist. I am extremely happy with the work he did on my teeth.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    availability during the weekend