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Emax Veneers Gallery 2

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The patient below did not like the appearance of his upper front four teeth. We provided him with four upper high strength Emax porcelain Veneers.

The patient presented with a discoloured front tooth and wanted a smile makeover. We placed four Emax Veneers to align his teeth and improve his smile

The patient below suffered from tetracycline staining on his teeth and did not like the colour of his teeth. We improved his smile with Fourteen Emax Veneers (8 upper veneers and 6 lower veneers)

The patient below wanted to improve the appearance of his front six teeth which were worn down and chipped. We improved his smile with Six Emax Veneers.

This patient presented with discoloured teeth caused by tetracycline staining. We improved her smile with Eight upper teeth Emax Veneers.

The patient below presented with a broken down incisor. We improved his smile with 2 front teeth Emax veneers.

The patient below presented with eight old stained porcelain veneers. She wanted her veneers changed and the length of her veneers increased. We improved her smile with eight new Emax veneers.

3 Emax veneers, 1 composite veneer, 10 posterior composite bonding to raise the bite.

Eight Upper Emax veneers.

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