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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance at Pearl Dental ClinicDental Insurance provides access for patients that wish to have high quality private dental treatment without the high cost of private dentistry.

There are many dental insurance plans available on the market. Generally, insurance plans cover the cost of dental examinations, hygiene treatment and a partial cover of the cost of private dental treatment.


Types of Dental Insurance plans:

Membership plans

These plans usually give you cover for two dental examinations & hygiene treatments every year. For treatment you will usually receive 10% discount from the dentists fee guide. There is usually an initial signing up fee to join these plans.

At Pearl dental clinic we offer membership dental plans through Denplan essentials. The benefits of joining our practice membership plan is that as well as receiving regular checkups, hygiene appointment, regular special offers and 10% discount off the cost of any general dental treatment required, you will receive worldwide emergency dental cover, worldwide dental injury cover, hospital cash benefits and oral cancer cover. You can join the practice membership plan online.


Comprehensive Dental Insurance Plans

We accept all major dental insurance company plans at Pearl dental clinic. Our dental fee guide at Pearl dental clinic is transparent and is published online and kept up to date. When you pay for your dental treatment at Pearl dental clinic, we will always provide you with a printed copy of your treatment plan and a printed receipt of your payment. You simply fill in your insurance claim form and we countersign it for you and the form is then sent to your insurance provider who will pay into your bank account directly once they have processed your insurance claim.


Most comprehensive dental insurance plans set maximum limits on the amount of money that can be claimed for any particular treatment, as well as a maximum limit for the total amount payable for treatment during a full year.

Most comprehensive insurance plans will require you to enroll on a comprehensive dental plan for at least 3 months before claiming expenses.


The practice is open 7 days a week. Weekend and late evening appointments are available. You can book an appointment or ask us for more information by calling 0203 750 5300 or emailing us or book an appointment online.


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