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Dental Implant Protocol

For Optimum Implant integration, it’s very important that Implant treatment is carried out under very strictly sterile, theatre like conditions. This is to reduce the chance of an infection taking place. For this reason we use the most modern sterilization equipment normally found in surgical theatres and employ highly trained Implant nurses and use fully sterile disposable surgical gowns to ensure the most sterile surgical conditions.

What is our dental implant protocol?

Following a strict dental implant protocol is very important. As an example, we would never use cheap non-sterile surgical gowns for our patients or for ourselves during implant surgery.

All of the implant systems that we use, supply their implants sterile packaged from the manufacturer with an expiry date in a sterile box. We never ever buy cheap implants from implant manufacturers that supply non-sterile implants in bags and have no expiry date on their implants.

dental implant protocol

Following these strict cross infection protocols at all times has ensured that to date, we have had no post implant surgery episodes of infection despite carrying out hundreds of implant surgical procedures over the years.

For good bone cooling during implant surgery, we only use specialist Implant surgical hand pieces that provide saline cooling of the surgical site and never use the cheaper dental chair hand pieces that do not have saline cooling. This prevents the risk of bone cells dying due to overheating during implant placement.

dental implant protocol

To ensure that we always have the right dental implant for our patients, we always keep a very large stock of dental implants onsite. This financial outlay of thousands of pounds by us, ensures that when it comes to your implant placement on any particular day, we will always have the right size dental implant for any clinical situation that can arise and never need to compromise by placing the wrong sized implant.

dental implant protocol

Untested Implants

There are well over 100 different implant systems currently in use around the world. Only a handful of these implant systems have any substantial evidence in the dental research literature to back their use, and even fewer implant systems have any substantial long-term follow up evidence to support their use on patients.

There are many alternative cheaper types of untested implants available in the market but as we do not have the much needed scientific and clinical support to back these implant systems, at Pearl Dental Clinic we do not think is justifiable to provide them to our patients no matter what the financial benefits can be to both to the patients and the dentists.

dental implant protocol

Also by using dental implants from one of the major implant companies, we ensure that in years to come if the patient’s implant needs a new screw or an abutment, the company is likely to be still in business to supply the parts needed for maintenance.


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