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Dental Abscess

A dental abscess can be caused as a result of injury or trauma to the tooth, although the most common cause is tooth decay that progresses and is left untreated.


What are the symptoms of a dental abscess?

Pain, swelling and a high temperature are not uncommon among patients suffering from a dental abscess. Its usually very painful to apply even mild pressure to the tooth that has suffered an abscess.


Management of a tooth abscess

The most important action that can be taken in the case of a dental abscess is an immediate visit to an emergency dentist, which will hopefully spell the end of the problem as soon as possible.

In some cases, the pain caused a dental abscess can subside after a while some people may think they have no reason to make an appointment with their dentist. However untreated tooth abscesses usually reoccur.


How is a dental abscess treated?

An X-ray may need to be taken to identify the location of the tooth with the abscess. Patients suffering from a dental abscess usually need to undergo root canal treatment or tooth extraction along with taking a course of antibiotics.


Will the infection return?

If the appropriate treatment is given on time, the infection should be removed and the tooth will usually survive. Therefore, it is vital to attend a dentist appointment to stop the infection from returning. If the abscess is not treated or incorrectly treated, its likely to return.

Untreated tooth infection can spread from the tooth to the jawbone and bring on a condition called Osteomyelitis, which can escalate to affect the bone marrow and is difficult to treat. The disease is a debilitating condition and can be very painful, which can bring on the requirement for hospital admission.


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