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Cosmetic Dentures

At Pearl dental clinic we are able to provide patients with a range of cosmetic dentures made by Sun dental labs which has revolutionised dentures in UK. Thousands of patients worldwide are wearing Sunflex Cosmetic Partial Dentures.


How are cosmetic dentures different to traditional dentures?

In comparison to acrylic partials, Sunflex cosmetic dentures are lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible, with no metal clasps. Click on the link below to find out more about different Sunflex cosmetic denture designs available.

Sunflex Cosmetic Dentures Brochure


How are cosmetic dentures made?

To provide you with a Sunflex cosmetic denture, we first assess your teeth and gums to ensure that the treatment is suitable for your teeth. We then provide you with a full written quote for your denture outlining all costs involved in writing before any treatment begins.

If you decide to proceed with the treatment, we take impressions of your teeth and gums and send the impression to Sun dental labs. You also choose the shade of your new teeth and ideally choose a denture tooth shade similar to your other teeth. The lab then construct the denture and we usually bring you back to see us and fit the new denture 2-3 weeks later.


Are there any disadvantages to cosmetic dentures?

Yes, cosmetic flexible dentures can not be added to in future with the same flexible material. So if you need any other teeth added to the flexible denture in future, the addition material will have to be acrylic and therefore not flexible. So that added part of your denture will not be flexible, although the rest of the denture will remain flexible.


Are any review appointments necessary for cosmetic dentures?

Occasionally Yes. Like any new dental appliance, it takes time to get used to your new dentures and you have to eat, speak and use your dentures to find out if any denture adjustments are necessary. If any adjustments are necessary, you simply come back to see us and we carry out any denture adjustments necessary at no additional cost.


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