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Light-activated teeth whitening ‘less cumbersome’


Light-activated teeth whitening can be easier for patients and less cumbersome and time consuming, it has been noted.

The use of light-activated teeth whitening systems is less cumbersome for the patient and could provide faster results, it has been argued. light activated teeth whitening

Big News reported the introduction of LED light-activated treatments has made it easier for dentists to do away with peroxide trays to whiten teeth.

Instead, they can apply a gel to the teeth and activate it to gain greater control over the whitening process and ultimately provide the patient with better results.

The publication claimed: “Historically, the use of trays for whitening trays appeared on the scene in early 1900 … Initially, it was used only for stained and discoloured teeth by the dentists’ in-office.”

Elsewhere, Teeth Laser Whitening Group recently launched a number of new products and claimed its treatments can be effective at removing stains with a number of causes, ranging from smoking and coffee through to simple wear and tear with age.

Furthermore, the firm claimed its treatments can help lighten the colour of teeth by up to eight shades in a single sitting.

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