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Videos of wisdom tooth removal go viral


Videos of patients reacting to pain relief after wisdom tooth surgery are becoming increasingly common online and the latest example has gone viral after an American teenager who never used bad language before in his life started swearing as he recovered from the use of laughing gas. A YouTube user uploaded the video of her son Cameron reacting after his wisdom teeth were removed.

Cameron appeared to be recovering from the use of laughing gas and his mother filmed him shouting out a range of expletives after the procedure was completed; the teenager could be seen with cotton pads in his mouth to stem the bleeding following the tooth extraction. After telling his mother that he was hungry he continued swearing until she told him to ‘stop cussing.’

Although he doesn’t seem to know what is going on, Cameron managed a smile for the cameras as his grandmother helped him out of the car and into his house. Cameron’s mother admitted that she found the video ‘hilarious’ and added that, despite his age, she had never heard her son swear before but when he underwent the dental surgery ‘boy, did he bring it all out!’

Several other similar videos have recently been uploaded and the different reactions to sedation and laughing gas have even made it onto news reports in America as they go viral.

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