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Justin Bieber gets wisdom teeth taken out


His millions of fans worldwide are waiting on his every tweet and popstar Justin Bieber isn’t about to let them down; the Canadian singer has even been keeping his followers updated about his dental treatment, posting pictures before and tweeting afterwards about his wisdom tooth removal. The treatment can be slightly more difficult than a routine tooth extraction because of the size and position of wisdom teeth, so patients often have to be sedated or may be put under general anaesthetic in difficult cases.

Bieber was filmed at the dentists last week just before being put under anaesthetic for the procedure and he posted the video online for his fans to see. In the short film, the popstar is heard telling the cameraman, a dentist office documenter, that he is ‘about to go under’ to have his teeth extracted, adding ‘They’re giving me drugs. Probably gonna feel it.’ A short while later, the singer was filmed looking cheerful, if slightly dazed, just before the procedure is due to begin. He captioned the video ‘GOT MY WISDOM teeth out and haven’t slept!!’

After the anaesthetic apparently wore off, the popstar was feeling slightly less cheerful, stating on Twitter ‘Got the wisdom teeth pulled. No fun. Glad it’s over. Going back to sleep. Goodnight.’

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