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Women requesting foot fillers to wear high heels


With the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cheryl Cole tottering around in giant heels, it was only a matter to time before British women started to follow the trend, and just like their celebrity idols, they are investing in foot fillers – or ‘toe jobs’ – to make the experience more comfortable. Operations to inject dermal fillers into the toes, heels, and balls of the feet have doubled over the last year, according to leading surgeons in the UK.

It’s no coincidence that the rise in popularity comes as sales of six inch heels have quadrupled over the same twelve months, and designers are now considering adding another inch to their towering shoes to further improve sales. The treatment, which costs about £380, is thought to make wearing heels for long periods of time more bearable and should remain effective for up to six months.

Cosmetic surgery group Transform have seen the number of procedures increase by a fifth in the last month alone, and a spokesperson for the company commented that it was all due to women following celebrity fads, she said ‘With the likes of Victoria Beckham stepping out in towering stilettos, British women are emulating the look.’ The long term effects are yet to be confirmed, but as most types of dermal filler are made using hyaluronic acid, the chances of side-effects are minimal as the acid is absorbed and disperses into the body.

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