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Unregistered tooth whitening treatment causes third degree burns


A young woman who only wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth with a simple whitening procedure was left with horrific third degree burns and swelling to her lips after the treatment went horribly wrong. Abbie Kilbride, 18, of Renfrewshire saw the disturbing symptoms develop just twenty-four hours after her tooth whitening treatment was carried out and she had to be taken to Glasgow Dental Hospital for medical attention.

According to the Daily Record, Abbie said she wanted to get her teeth whitened because she had just finished orthodontic treatment; she noticed some of her Facebook friends recommending a woman in her area and subsequently booked an appointment. The woman provided the treatment from home and Abbie was given the procedure over the course of an hour, which included top-ups of the gel every ten to fifteen minutes.

Abbie told the paper that she was not asked how old she was or whether she had had the treatment done before; neither was she given a test for allergies before the gel was applied. By the end of the treatment, Abbie found that her lips were swollen and she was struggling to form words, although the woman said this was perfectly normal. However, she later developed blisters and swelling around her mouth and had to be taken to the dental hospital for treatment.

Although she is now on the road to recovery, Abbie warns others about the dangers of unregulated whitening from unlicensed providers and she urged readers to only go to dental professionals if they want their teeth whitened.


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