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TOWIE’s Arg gets a makeover


Fans of reality TV will certainly be familiar with the rocky relationship between James ‘Arg’ Argent and on/off girlfriend Lydia Bright, and although they called it quits last season after four years together, Arg wasn’t prepared to give up on her completely. The 24-year-old Essex boy was determined to win her back by losing three stone and having a complete makeover, from eyelash tinting to blinding white veneers – to cover his famously crooked teeth.

The two ex’s bumped into each other at a fundraiser for the London marathon, and the difference in Arg’s appearance was obvious; Lydia was stunned by the changes and told him ‘You look so different… your teeth look so different.’ Arg confessed that, while the makeover had helped with his confidence issues, that wasn’t the only reason he went through with it; ‘I know I’ve said I’ve done this for me,’ he told his former girlfriend, ‘but really I have done it for you.’ The reality star then laid his cards firmly on the table by saying ‘I’m not the person I was a month and a half ago. I still love you. I still miss you.’

Unfortunately for Arg, Lydia wasn’t about to be swayed by a fancy set of veneers and a haircut, and she told him she would rather just be friends, even calling him an ‘arrogant a**ehole’ when he insisted that she was still in love with him, despite her protestations to the contrary.

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