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Pitchside dental treatment for Lionel Messi


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Pitchside dental treatment for Lionel MessiDuring the famous El Classico clash pitchside dental treatment for Lionel Messi was needed. Messi suffered an elbow to the mouth during the first half of the game. Barcelona’s team of dentists and medics were on hand to give the star pitchside treatment for his injuries.

Messi was temporarily patched up by the team and returned to the pitch with gauze in his mouth. Inevitably Messi will have needed further treatment after the game. However, Barca’s dentists made the call that he was safe to continue playing after receiving the pitchside treatment. This, in turn, facilitated him being able to score the winning goal in the last seconds of the game.

Due to the skill, dedication, and professionalism of the dentists and medics at Barcelona the players are supported and treated to enable them to play their best possible football. It could be argued that without the dental intervention he received Barcelona may not have won the match. This just goes to show the important role dentists play within sport.


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