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NHS dentistry satisfaction is on the rise


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NHS dentistry satisfaction is on the riseA recent poll revealed that NHS dentistry satisfaction is on the rise. The survey was carried out by the National Centre for Social Research between July and October last year. The sample interviewed was around three thousand. People were asked about their general satisfaction with the NHS, and also about individual services.

When the data was analysed it showed that NHS dentistry satisfaction has risen by seven percent. This takes the figures up to sixty-one percent. This is the highest public satisfaction rating since the beginning of the nineties. As you can imagine, the BDA (British Dental Association) have welcomed the news that satisfaction is on the rise. Following this, they are encouraging dentists to build on the results and to continue to take pride in their work. The poll has proved that, despite the funding cuts, dentists are still working hard to provide the best possible care for their patients. The BDA chairman, Mick Armstrong was quoted on “This profession can take pride in the fact that public satisfaction in NHS dentistry has hit a near 20 year high, in spite of chronic underfunding and discredited contracts.” This news a great step in the right direction for dentistry.


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