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Model Christie Brinkley admits filler injections but says no to Botox


American model Christie Brinkley recently admitted that she keeps her skin looking youthful with filler injections but the 62-year-old has denied using Botox to fight the signs of aging. Christie spoke to People magazine about how she maintains her youthful good looks and tries to keep cosmetic work to a minimum.

Christie told the magazine that she avoids staying out in the sun to stop her skin from drying out and instead of going straight for Botox she will ‘occasionally do a bit of filler’. Still working in her sixties, Christie added that she wants her skin ‘to look its best’ and has even launched her own skin care line – she cites some of the products with helping her maintain a glowing complexion with few wrinkles.

Christie explained that some people see her pictures online and assume her appearance is completely fake; she admits that she has had filler injections but adds that her skincare products help her to moisturise her skin, which is not something that filler would do on its own. Christie then added that it is ‘the whole thing’ when it comes to looking after her skin, saying ‘You have to take care of the texture of your skin.’


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