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Millennial’s created a boom in cosmetic dentistry


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Millennial's created a boom in cosmetic dentistryOver recent years millennial’s created a boom in cosmetic dentistry by accessing what is known as preventative botox. This type of treatment has seen a huge rise among men and women in their twenties. Botox has been legally approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) since 2002, therefore, recently celebrated its fifteenth birthday. Since then a sharp rise in millennials using Botox has been seen. One 26-year-old woman spoke to “My makeup goes on really smooth. If you’ve got an event where you are wearing concealer, you don’t have any creases. I have noticed that the more I get Botox, the less I have to go and get it done, so it lasts longer in between treatments.”

Classed as ‘aging softly’, the treatment uses smaller amounts of Botox, therefore, ends up being cheaper and more effective. The treatments are helping people to maintain smoother skin and help to stop wrinkles forming in the future. Botox works by freezing the muscle movement within the face, however, it is not a permanent procedure like many other cosmetic treatments. For many, it is a great alternative to more invasive surgeries.


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