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Fans left wondering if Meg Ryan has had cosmetic treatment done


She might have denied ever going under the knife but that hasn’t stopped speculation that actress Meg Ryan has visited a cosmetic surgery to have facial fillers and Botox treatment in an attempt to hold back the hands of time. Viewers of the Tony Awards were surprised to see the 54-year-old looking distinctly different, with several areas of her face apparently enhanced by cosmetic injections.

Meg was in New York on Sunday to present an award at the event and the actress looked stunning in a floor-length peach dress, although viewers were more concerned with changes to her face than what she was wearing. Although she has declined to comment on the changes, Meg spoke to Porter Magazine last year about the speculation surrounding her appearance, calling the constant rumours ‘funny for five minutes’ but insisting that she is happy with her age and her life, and refusing to comment on whether she has actually been under the knife to alter her looks.

She told the publication that she is happy with the person she has ‘evolved into’ and now she feels at ease with her situation, something which she feels ‘comes with age’.


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